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What its like to travel with….well… anxiety

First of all, is it travel anxiety or is it just real ass anxiety? It is almost impossible to tell. I feel like travel anxiety is all your regular anxieties, heightened because of the fact you do not get to be at home. However, whatever it is, its god awful. I almost passed up the opportunity of a lifetime because I was too nervous to leave. Just think of all the things that could go wrong! Do I have something in my carry on thats going to flag me as a terrorist? Is my checked bag being thrown around all willy nilly? What if I miss my flight even though I’m 2 hours early?

So, thats what I did, thought of all the minute things that could go wrong. My friend did the honors of googling the chances of plane crashes, and dying in plane crashes. Which are somewhere in the 1 in 5.5 million of a plane crashing. So, then I had to prepare myself for what to do in the event of a plane crash. They say not to take your stuff with you, but like, I am absolutely taking my stuff. What if we’re stranded on a remote island (somewhere between Ohio and Burbank CA) and I need a blanket, or the 5th Harry Potter book?? Yeah nice try Amanda the flight attendant, but I’ll be taking my stuff.

The odds of dying in a plane crash are like, real slim (I would know, Taryn googled it). So you’re not exactly in a life or death situation where you need to be actively fearing for your life. Here is a cool way to deal with those “end of the world I’m going to die” thoughts that I learned.

Here is basically what I do

You gotta figure out what is causing you the anxiety

Alright, this plane is GOING DOWN.

then you gotta figure out what the likeliness of that happening is

AKA it is not very likely that this plane is going to crash or malfunction. Actually I know for a fact me dying in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million. Also I’ve flown several times and have survived without any troubles. Also, you don’t really ever hear about planes crashing, and when a plane does crash it is alllllll over the news….because it NEVER happens

Then you think okay if this fear were to actually happen, what is the worst case scenario

clear and immediate death via a fiery and dramatic plane crash

then you finally think, if this fear does happen..what is MOST likely to actually happen

Alright, in the event of traumatic plane malfunctions we would probably make some type of emergency landing. The pilot would probably be able to navigate through any outside factors that are causing the plane to act all psycho (AKA pop on that seatbelt light and do his damn job). So I mean, in the event of a malfunction I would more likely than not be physically fine, I may have some emotional trauma but I mean I was doing so hot before that so……..

You can really use that for everything. Every end of the world scenario your brain is able to think of, which my brain is able to do around nine times a week.

I am able to use that while traveling in unknown cities with a totally real and irrational fear of being kidnapped. Getting around on vacation, when your unfamiliar with the area, is so so so so stress inducing. Everyone has an Uber horror story stored in their brains. However, the chances of something happen are very slim, and it is way safer than walking in unknown territories.

However, it is worth noting that I only use Lyft. So don’t come for me and tell me how terrible Uber is, I don’t use it. The reference is just more relatable.

Traveling while ALSO having separation anxiety is also a straight up bitch. I have no idea how to deal with that, nothing makes it better for me, it just literally takes some getting used to. Leaving is by far the hardest part of traveling when you have separation anxiety. Once I get to even the airport the anxiety lessens a little bit, because getting me to leave the house, and leave my mom and my cat and my family is the absolute hardest part. So once I’m actually away, the anxiety seems to plateau. I am still very anxious about being away, don’t get me wrong, it’s just like a bandaid. Ripping it off (leaving) is the hardest and most painful part, and even after you rip it off the wound could still hurt (being away) but it is NOTHING like actually leaving.

That is really all I can help with there. By like, day 3 I seem to be okay, but I am uncontrollably anxious about being separated. So, if you have any tips, tricks, or advice for dealing with separation anxiety while traveling I am ALLLL ears!

Traveling is just a part of life. You cannot spend your life afraid to do it. It is possible that you do not want to ever travel (Ron Swanson), and that is totally normal. However, if you DO want to travel but are too anxious, that is not good. Do me a favor and think of an airport….did you do it? I bet you pictured pure, and packed chaos. Now just remember, every airport looks like that almost all the time. Thats how many people are traveling at any given moment. Also, might I add, they are all traveling all the time without any problems. So you, my hot and totally level headed friend, are going to be just fine. Also there are such things as flight attendants, who do this shit several times a week. If it was dangerous would they really be working there? NAH

These are just things I tell myself so that I don’t turn into that girl from bridesmaids on the way to Vegas

Speaking of Bridesmaids, another fun way to keep yourself occupied is to try and guess who the air marshal on your flight is, this also happens to be Chrissy Teigen’s favorite pastime. (Yes that’s the correct spelling, I googled it. And no, I also can’t believe it)

Look at all the stuff I would have missed out on if I was too afraid to travel!

Take a deep breath, confront your fears straight on, and just be laughably logical, and if all else fails….. have an airplane mimosa.

Here’s to traveling! And not nervous sweating in coach anymore!

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    whenever I am not home, I feel this kinda f anxiety too.

    July 24, 2018 at 11:08 am
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