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Tiny Chicken Parm Sandwiches

I love very few things. Italian food is one of them. I try at least once a week to get my family to eat a variation of pasta, call it whatever you want, but its still just noodles and red sauce. I NEED IT. Today we made chicken parmesan, but in a sandwich form, and it was amazing.

You’re going to start with your regular chicken parm ingredients. Some bread crumbs of your choosing (we used Italian panko and regular bread crumbs), add a ton of parmesan cheese to your bread crumbs, THAT is the key to a bangin chicken parm. Dip them in the eggs and double bread them (if you want extra breading). Fry those bad boys UP, I suggest getting them as flat as possible, we did not do that and we should have. Even if they look relatively thin, still either filet them or pound them down. It will cook way faster and all the way through, and it will make a thinner sandwich.

Next, you’re going to prep your bread. We bought a loaf of roasted garlic bread in the bakery section. I would suggest doing the same, or using any other type of garlic bread, it really makes a difference. You’re going to toast your bread in the oven, until its a little crispy and then you are going to assemble them.

Pepperoni, marinara sauce, a little shredded mozz, your (hopefully) THIN chicken breasts, a piece of fresh mozz, and then parsley (because it looks fancy and bougie)

Broil those bitches until the cheese is real melty. Make sure you take your bread tops off the sheet before you broil it. We did not and the tops got REAL crisp and it sounded like we were eating concrete at dinner.

JUST. LIKE. THAT. The cheese is dripping like your friend Jessica’s mascara in the bathroom at the club.

Then you put the (not burnt) tops on and you, my friend, are done.

Look at that. Thats so good. I ate until I hated myself, which is the true end of the meal. In case you were wondering we paired it with homemade Pasta E Fagioli, which was AMAZING. Click here for that recipe.

You now have all the instructions to make a dinner that looks real fancy, but low key takes almost no work. The American dream. To make dinner even easier, after you take amazing pictures you promptly pass them out on paper plates so you don’t have to do the dishes, like we did.

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