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The Betches effect

Nice Is Just A Place In France is a really great book I read several years ago, that is rocking a solid 3 star review on amazon. You wanna know why? I’ll tell you…

…because its not nice…..

It is not a self-help book and everything in here is meant to be taken with a grain of salt. People pick this up and want a cushion-y book that will walk them along the path to get whatever they want. That is not what happens here, this is a book is more for people who know they are a bitch, but are scared of the bitch living within.

They are not giving you explicit instructions to get black out drunk and ask your parents for money all the time….or maybe they are, thats their prerogative. Whatever, the book is hilarious and it does have some good points, even if the one star-ers want to deny it.

Because you want to know what it DOES teach through all that (very)thinly-veiled sarcasm and profanities?

You can unapologetically live your life how you want to. The Betches, started that company from their damn dorm room. Like if Regina George and Mark Zuckerberg had a child. They are not ‘mean’, and even though people think they are mean….they stay the same.

See that ^ they’ve made being a bitch into a 7 year long career. Despite all those one star reviews of people thinking they’re mean.

and that is what this book had taught me. I know I’ve always been one of the mean friends, BUT IM NOT MEAN I JUST CARE OKAY?? So, you know what? Thats fine, thats me and I don’t want to be the nice friend.

However, it goes beyond this book. More, and more resources are coming out telling women it is okay to be exactly who they are and who they want to be. If you wanna be the nice friend, if you want to be comforting, guess what DO IT! You don’t have to be the ‘cool’, aloof, not caring girl. We need you in our lives so that we, the harder friends, don’t turn totally to stone and cry concrete tears…alone…into our rosé.

If you like your hard exterior, and you want to be the meaner, more ‘realistic’ friend, OWN IT! You don’t have to be the nice, caring, girl next door. Our nicer friends need us too. They need unbiased advice, that doesn’t take everyones complete emotions into account sometimes. Sometimes you need someone tell you, listen that dude is a douchebag and he is ignoring you for the plain fact that he does not want to talk to you, and I’m gunna do that for you.

You don’t have to change, ever, for anyone, at any time (unless you WANT to). Life is about you, and as long as you arent ruining someone’s life, you need to do you.

Being a bitch and getting exactly what you want is not an excuse to be cruel to people, I feel that goes without saying but imma say it anyway. If anyone is just a straight up bitch to you, but says they’re just brutally honest and they’re not being mean if its honest…….You should dump them.

I love women lifting other women up. So be who you want, and embrace your friends who are different from you. As Paula Abdul once said, opposites attract. Sometimes you need a friend who will tell you that you’re going to die alone if you don’t stop being a bitch. And sometimes you need someone to smash your phone into a thousand pieces when you wont stop texting someone who doesn’t want to talk to you. And then you go out together and drink champagne. Life is all about balance, and every type of Betch can live together in Harmony, like the end of mean girls when everyone is braiding each others hair and sitting Indian style.

Those are some of the best “I need to get my shit together” books I have some across

Load them on your ereader and read them immediately. Or two day ship the hard copy. Whatever floats your boat.

So, here’s to Betches, may we know them, may we raise them*, may we be them.

*(not in middle school though, those kids are mean enough. Middle schoolers will make you CRY)

Also the links are affiliate links in which I might receive some compensation if you purchase one. So if you hate me and don’t want to see me succeed, google the books and click a diff link 🙂



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