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So It’s Been A Year…

“The Climb” by Miley Cyrus plays softly in the background……

I can almost seeeeee it. That dream I’m dreaminnnn…

How did I even make it here? (literally we made it here because my domain auto renewed on my debit card). I was supposed to be paying attention in my Intro to Law class, which was a battle that teacher was never going to win. A three hour class on a Saturday? Im out, I mean I was there, but you don’t have my full undivided attention at those hours.

Anyways, I googled for weeks on how to do it the right way. I had another blog before that I have abandoned and didn’t own the domain, but I wanted this to be different. So I treated it differently,  I went all out. I bought domains, and website designs, I created logos and schemes. 

And then, I fell in love. My mood board makes my brain light up, writing my words out feels so nice, and having real goals that I believe I can achieve is amazing. If you’re on the fence of doing something crazy, do it.

As of right now, I believe my total views are around the 6.5 thousand mark. Thats it, 17 views a day. However, you know what? I’m totally fine with that. Im honored even ten people want to read what I write. I have made……$0. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. (Family please enjoy my un facetuned smiles for Christmas). But you know what? That is how it’s supposed to be. Anyone that tells you you can make thousands of dollars every month the first you blog is on crack-cocaine. You can’t. Well maybe you can, but you’re gunna have to share your shit a thousand times a day and you’ll lose all your friends. 

There is no such thing as instant success, and all I do is share my stuff to facebook once I write it and hope people look and share it with other people who might care. However, one of my goals is to treat this more like a business now. If I want this to morph into a business so I can quit my job eventually, I need to treat it that way. So, I’m gunna share my shit more, okay? And I’m gunna be trying new shit. Don’t judge me while I’m figuring it all out. And don’t be scared to do the same. I will click your ads, I will read your content, I will buy your shit. 

This year, I’ve done some cool shit. 

I traveled:

I went to the Oscars. The actual oscars
I went to Mexico 

I started my own youtube series with my friends

and I love it.

I started to talk about mental health, well, mostly mine. I hope it helped someone out there though. 

And like a bunch of other shit, read around to find it all. 

Thank you if you stuck around for this whole mess. Thank you if you subsribed to email newsletter I never have time to send out. Thank you if you watch our youtube series. Thank you for everything, I hope to have several more years. 

As a gift to you guys, here is a very unflattering picture of me feeding the concrete deer in my front yard champagne. ITS A CELEBRATION DAMN IT. 

If you want to start your own blog, free or invest money into it, I tried to talk you through the process here

Thank you to my mom, who takes almost all my pictures for this wild adventure, and never questions who, what, when, where, why or how. Just grabs her camera and goes. 

Thank you to Taryn and Ashley, for indulging my crazy idea about a youtube talk show where we just drink and talk trash about the news. Thank you to Justin for finding us all the equipment and shooting it. 

Thank you to every single person who reads this shit, or watches this shit, or shares it, or tells someone about it. You are the reason I am here. I love you. I hope you’re betting on me, because I sure as hell would. Have a drink for me tonight, I know me and my deer are gunna get LIT. 

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