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The Skin Care Item I’d Die Without

There are a lot of things I skip that I should not: the gym (always), drinking an ass ton of water a day (no thank you), wiping your makeup off before bed after few champagnes (I actually hate forgetting), CLASS. Whatever, you name it and I’ll find a way to NOT do it. That is my go to quote when I have to train someone at work, “you are about to learn the easiest and fastest way to do literally everything.” Consequently I don’t train a lot of people…


I will not ever skip a toner. Like ever. Going from washing to moisturizing sounds like hell. Skin care fads may come and go, sheet masks, bubble masks, peel off your face skin masks, etc., but toner is here forever. Nothing refreshes your face more than the perfect toner. I have oily ass skin, I absolutely need a toner as an extra oil barrier. However, there are toners for dry skin as well, they’re good for refreshing throughout the day. Whatever your skin problem is, there is a corresponding toner to help a bitch out. I have quite a few toners

These are my tried and true.

My everyday toner is LUSH tea tree toner (black bottle, all the way to the right). Tea tree is great for oily skin, it has a drying effect, and the smell is amazing. After I was my face I just spritz it on a cotton pad and rub it in upward motion. (p.s. with all toners, you’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt you miss while washing)

My proactive toner is my army tank (tall green one). I use this when my skin has just gotten away from me. Sometimes my skin goes beyond my control and all hell breaks loose. So I bust out this toner and everyone taking up rent on my face dies. (also yes, I am a firm believer in the proactive system, that shit works)

Micellar water is terrifying (pink lid). If you ever want to see how badly you wash your face, use micellar water afterwards. It picks up literally everything. Your cotton pad will be dark as hell. I use this when I feel to lazy to fully wash my face, or I know I didnt wash it that well (because it also removes makeup).

Tarte Marine Boosting Mist (squiggly blue lines) is what I use when I get carried away with my drying shit. It lightly hydrates and it smells like tang. This is less of a toner than it is a refresher. They call it a 4 in 1, so you can also use it to set your makeup, which is what I used it for sometimes when I wore very light makeup, but knew my body was about to try to sweat it all off, like a beeyoch.

Lastly, Mario Badescu aloe and cucumber spray (far left). I am very new to this cult brand, this is my first purchase. I know there is a rose spray, but I don’t need heavy hydration. I exclusively use this in morning before class (as long as my face is clean). It works well to refresh my skin so that I do not look like I was sleeping in my car before class. The aloe does really good to calm irritations and the cucumber refreshes and moisturizes very well.

I’d look way worse than I already do if was not for these items. Please, do not skip the toner. ITS SO EASY. Your skin will thank you, by not trying to ruin your life.

Purchase my favorites here!

Let me know your favorite toners if you use some, or some that have not worked for you! I. NEED. THE. TEA. (tea, a.k.a. details/gossip. Not ACTUAL tea, but I will also take some actual tea.)



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