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Sips and Scandals Mini Episode!

About 30 minutes into the mess that was Sips and Scandals Episode 4, we decided we wanted to talk about the Golden Globes. I told my rambunctious cohorts that we COULD but only if we did it fast because this video was like 45 minutes long and held almost nothing of substance. Which was probably why it was our most popular episode lol.

Well, as you can probably guess by how the entire episode went, it did NOT go quickly. So I just cut the entire thing out. However, we love love award season so I decided to release it as a mini episode if anyone else cares about award season. The golden globes are not our favorite, and also we had already been drinking and messing around for an hour, so it won’t be articulate at all. We’ll save that for the Oscars.

Cheers to the Sips and Scandals chaos!!

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