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Sips and Scandals Episode 5

Well, well, well…… They have finally given in. I was allowed to get us the champagne served at Kate & William and Harry & Meghan’s wedding receptions. I am a Royal Family junkie, let me enjoy things. So, they agreed to split the cost so we could use it for the show. Honestly though, it was only like $65. The Queen is frugal, but I would be too if I had to serve beverages to hundreds of elites.

Also! I got to bust out the CHAMBONG. It is 100% my favorite invention and I want no brand to sponsor us more. I love this thing, a rapid champagne consuming device.

But it here:

So, since I got what I wanted there, the universe repaid me by making this episode just as messy as the last one. We were not focused, or put together. I didn’t even make a Doc of topics. So, this is what we ended up with. hopefully 2019 brings more fun shit to complain about!!

Feel free to email me topic and wine suggestions!

Cheers! Peace out 2018, you were THAT messy bitch.

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