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I really did have other plans today

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The gift guide was supposed to be posted today. It really was, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had OTHER PLANS for the world though. LIKE A FREAKING ROYAL WEDDING. Get out your William and Kate china guys.

(Quick disclaimer, all the pictures used here will be from Gettys Embedded, so they’ll have all Getty’s labels and everything. Sorry if thats annoying, but I cannot afford to purchase these photos and I don’t want to go to jail)

My first thought was “how dare you?” and then I remembered that Meghan Markle is gorgeous, famous, and ultra fancy chic (not a cat food) and I was fine with it. How could Harry NOT marry Meghan? The more I read the more I’m like yeah okay but does Harry deserve Meghan. America has decided to stan.

The last time an American married into the royal family it was the middle of the 1930’s and like, a full blown crisis. Wallis Simpson, an actress from America, had two living ex-husbands (which is just a scandal on its own). Which nobody really wanted, ESPECIALLY when King George V died and Prince Edward had to assume the throne. The people of Wales were like yeah, no thanks at an American Queen. The British establishment and Church of England were also like yeah no Edward you can’t marry her. So Prince Edward abdicated his throne, she became the Duchess of Windsor, and they lived in un-royal peace. (Source)

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(We all know that the last REAL American royal wedding was Jacqueline Lee Bouvier to one John Fitzgerald Kennedy though)

However, times have changed. America’s very own biracial, divorced Meghan Markle will be royalty. Which COULD all be a scandal, if this were 1950..

  • Yes, Meghan Markle is also a divorceé. Markle married long-time boyfriend Trevor Engelson in 2011 and divorced in 2013. Markle had just started her career on Suits in Toronto and Engelson lived in LA. Markles blossoming career combined with the distance was too much for the start of a marriage (and obviously fate wanted to make her royalty). Markle has left both of those things, acting and distance, behind in order to fully start her relationship with Prince Harry.

SO! If you ask me, which you are probably not, I’d say this one is in for the long haul. Permission was granted on all fronts (royal and American) and I am seriously so excited for this wedding.

Get ready for a lot of posts on how to properly prep for a royal wedding, and how to throw a party in the literal middle of the night (time zones rock).

While I am upset that Prince Harry will NOT be marrying me (officially), I am thankful I have something I can fully distract myself with for months and months.

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Plus check out that ROCK. Talk about a dream ring. This will not be the end of ROYAL WEDDING WATCH because I have an unhealthy obsession and will make time to discuss all upcoming events. PLUS…..little George and Charlotte….in a royal wedding…

Bottom line is, I am living for this engagement. Well deserved for both Harry and Meghan. I cannot wait to see her become royalty. Until then, I cannot wait to follow her road to royalty all winter and spring. And to buy an exact replica of her wedding dress.

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