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Are we witnessing the resurgence of Taylor Swift?

I know, I know. Some of you are thinking “Did Taylor Swift ever leave”, and the answer is yes.

I will preface this with….I was never a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I sensed something off from the beginning. I’m a psychic, okay not really but whatever. Also, I’ve read some articles about this that look like a college Thesis, this will be like the cliff notes version people read instead. Welcome my lazy procrastinators. 

I’m going to skip right to the #KimExposedTaylorParty, and ignore any other scenarios prior to this, for the sake of time, and for the mere fact that people grow and change. She may have sang lyrics about calling an ex-boyfriend gay and several other slut-shamey type lyrics but I believe that is not who she is anymore, and she worked to change and understand that.

Taylor was America’s sweetheart, with her unbrushed curls and cowboy boots. She sang sweet songs and won awards with such excitement. Then, on that fateful day, Kanye handed her a perfect narrative on a silver platter….the victim. 

Thus, the Taylor we knew (pre-reputation) was born. People genuinely felt bad for her that her big moment was ruined by a deranged man, because it honestly was messed up, even if Beyonce did have the best video of all time. She took this sympathy and she ran with it, which would ultimately be her downfall. 

She created this quiet, innocent, victim persona. Things happened, people came for her, but none of it was her fault. However, a lot of these scenarios are ones she created herself. For example, Nicki Minaj tweeted a vague tweet about the VMAS being racist-ish. Taylor, making herself a victim of Minaj’s vague tweet, replied that maybe a man took her slot and NOT her. Whether or not Nicki was referencing Taylor is unclear, however, Taylor chose to put herself in that narrative. 

Which brings us to the oh so famous quote “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative”. 

Do I believe she wanted to be excluded? Yes, because for the first time, she was not in charge of it. She lost control of the image she created for herself behind the scenes with calculated moves. In other words, Taylor Swift got got, and it was all in the hands of one Kim Kardashian-West.

Kanye put out a song with about two lines referencing Taylor. He called her and asked her if it was okay, to which she said yes. The song comes out, and people start to raise hell over the lyrics in question, so Taylor changed her tune. She denied giving permission, she denied knowing the actual lyrics, and once again, she was a perfectly placed victim. People already did not like Kanye, and people already thought he was crazy, it seemed too easy to pass up for Taylor. 

However, Taylor greatly underestimated a girl who was raised by Kris Jenner (the devil works hard but….), which one should never do. Taylor herself created this narrative of Kanye taking advantage of her name, and writing crude lyrics about her. She even brought it up in her Grammy’s speech. Letting people know whatever Kanye said wasn’t true and to not let people take credit for your work. Which is totally right, Kanye didn’t make Taylor famous, she did work hard, but they were lyrics.

That was the final straw, Kim was like okay, you say you don’t want this but you keep making my husband look bad. She released a full video of Kanye on the phone with Taylor, while she was giving her full permission for everything she denied and complained about. Whatever she created for herself over the past 6 years, was ruined at the hands of KKW’s instagram. 

With nowhere left to go, she gives a statement that she doesn’t want to be a part of a narrative that she was thrusted into at the 2009 VMAs. She does want to be part of that narrative, but only when she is in charge of it. The second she lost control, she wanted out of the chaos she built. So, she laid low. She deleted everything and fell off the face of the Earth.

And then, like a glittery phoenix that smiles too much, she rose from the ashes of her past. She released Reputation, which for me was the first time I had ever heard Taylor say she did something wrong. While the song itself, Look What You Made Me Do, still implies she was the victim, it is the most honest I had ever heard her. 

So I bought the CD, and I bought tickets to her show. If you would have told me three years ago I’d willingly go to a Taylor Swift concert, I would have laughed in your lying face.

Taylor Swift put away her 1/4″ curling iron, lit her cowboy boots on fire, and said f#*k it. She slicked her hair back, put on some gorgeous bodysuits and said you know what, I did do that but who cares. Which is all I ever wanted as a Taylor-hater. She took the snake narrative that was attacking her and used it to her advantage, she owned it.  She was clearly so fake to me, I was just waiting for her to burn out. So, she did burn out, she went too far, and someone called her bluff. It was the best thing that happened to her, we have a relatively real personality from her now. She indirectly admitted to being shady, and came back from the shadows, like Cady Heron after people think she pushed Regina in front of a bus.

THEN, she finally breaks her (weird) silence on politics, and encourages her followers to please vote and even tells them she’s voting for a democrat. Which was not just a statement, voter registration SPIKED after her Instagram post. She genuinely may have influenced an election. 

So, in my books Taylor Swift is on the up and up. She’s already greatly surpassed her old nemesis Katy Perry, who got a horrible haircut and kissed a man without his permission. She sued a man for groping her, she seems to be on the road to true feminism (not just girl squads), and she’s being honest.

Am I swifty? No, not yet. Do I stan in hidden? Yes, maybe, you’ll never know. 

Also, my pictures are pretty bad. I bought the worst seats in the house. You know, because I wasn’t sure if I liked her enough or not yet. 😉 

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