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Never Underestimate Hand Written Notes

I was doing what I normally do a while back, scouring the internet for any archived posts and photos from Meghan Markle’s now shut down lifestyle blog, The Tig. I love the royal family okay? Will I apologize for it? No. Also, I was obsessed with Suits, I mean how good was that show? Especially for a USA show? Yeah, it was fantastic. Getting a little off topic, but Meghan was a beautiful and philanthropic person who was just navigating her lower B list celeb life when she met hot as hell Harry. I love her, him, and them.

Handwritten notes…

ANYWAY, now that I’ve unnecessarily explained my rational obsession with MM, handwritten notes. She had a whole post about the importance of handwritten notes. Sending thank you’s, condolences, well wishes, in tangible form will make everyone happy. I love handwriting notes, something about getting all your thoughts out there on something tangible. Getting to sign your name, and hand it to your friend, your lover, or just putting it away for you.

All I get in the mail are bills, and coupons I cant use because I still don’t have a job. People just do not mail things anymore. I miss it. If you are sick, or sad, or give someone a gift, you will most likely just get a text message, or an email. And there is nothing wrong with that! Any time someone reaches out to you, you know have a good friend.

So I decided to test this out

So, with Meghan’s post in my mind, I wrote out my first batch of thank you notes. I did not expect gifts for my 26th birthday, I just wanted my friends to participate in my murder mystery theme (more on that later). So, when people came in gifts in hand, I was so thankful. However, in true fashion, I was running a full 30 minutes behind and was sweating out of my hairdo. So, I had to just set everything aside to get all my props and food out to start the murder on time.

I couldn’t think of a better time to start up this new hobby. However, as much as I love getting mail (not bills, quit sending them), sending it is just as fun. I loved writing out my thank-you’s, sealing them, putting the stamp on and waiting for them to arrive!

Now, just take the time

Your friends and family will truly appreciate the time you took out of your day to sit down and write out 4-5 sentences saying thank you, or hoping they start feeling better soon, or hope their kids stop screaming and crapping their pants.

1. Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens; 2. Fifty Thank You Cards
3. Thirty-Six Assorted Greeting Cards; 4. La Marca Split (sold where you get your wine)

Now, get out your pen, and your cards that you were supposed to send out thanking everyone for graduation gifts but never did, and get writing! It’ll take five minutes and you’ll feel so good, and your friends will be so appreciative. If that doesn’t persuade you, I am qualified to tell you this is best done with a glass of wine and telling everyone to stop bothering you!


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