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Meme box Disco Kitten Mask

Alright, I am leery of purchasing something that is advertised from ‘meme box’, mostly because that really doesn’t sounds like a place I’d want to get my skincare from. I picture a ‘meme box’ a box full of tide pods and distracted boyfriends. However, I saw a photo of disco kitten mask and it really did look like some unicorn blood shit. It was so luminous, shiny and silver. It has to be what Paris Hiltons sweat looks like.

I also really don’t like peel off masks, due to the fact that they really are not that good for you. Sure peel off masks make your skin feel so clean and fresh and you can look at all the stuff it pulled out. Well, that is why it is bad. You should not be ripping shit out of your pores, it is only going to make your pores look larger. Pores are best cleaned through steaming them open and shit like that, not ripping them open.

BUT, my people, BUT, this mask really does feel different. It peels off so easily, and it does not get all up in your pores. Since it does not go deep into your skin its essentially pulling off the top layer of just like dirt and dry skin, leaving you with a really smooth clean layer of skin.

This is my beautiful (tired) skin before the mask:

Not terrible, but it’s pretty dull and lackluster.

I put on the mask (with my HANDS because I dont have a fancy mask brush nor do I care) and then you’re supposed to let it sit for around 15 minutes or whenever it gets dry. I figured since it takes me like 20 minutes to blow dry my hair, I’d just wait until the mask wasnt tacky anymore (so that my hair wouldnt get stuck in it) and blow dry my hair before I took it off. But I really did look like a royal queen storm trooper with my glowing metallic looking skin.

Now here is the fun part. Peel this shit off. Its like when you were in elementary school and you’d (hopefully other people did this) rub liquid glue all over your hands and then peel it off. Only its better because with this you get glowy skin and all you got with the glue was a pile of dried glue that looked like dry skin sitting on your desk.

The easiest way, in my opinion, to peel this off is to start by your mouth. I usually just move my mouth around until the cupids bow area gets loose and I go from there. I never get thick enough edges to be able to start by the edge. If you paint it on too thick, it wont dry, which means it wont peel off. If its too loose you wont be able to get a flap up to grab. Thus, the cupids bow peel off.

This is my skin immediately afterwards. It is just refreshed, glowy and more alive. Alive seems like the wrong word, but it did look pretty dead before, so alive it is.

This is what I used:

I wash my face with Boscia¬†Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser almost everyday. I’ve said this before, but I have year round oily skin, this helps just give me a good non-oily base for the day. Anyways, wash your face thoroughly first.

Right before the mask, I do my toner. It just helps to make sure the skin is clean and ready. This day I used my Lush tea tree water, because I knew I was doing a mask and tea tree helps to keep my skin matte. Doing a mask adds extra moisture to your skin and I don’t really need a moisturizing toner. If you need a toner, here are some great options for all skin types.

Then I do the mask.

Finally, after the mask I moisturize. I’m not that into moisturizers, because I’m so oily it was just so hard to find one that I like or would do what I needed. I settled on the Boscia¬†Revitalizing Black Charcoal Hydration Gel. I have big pores too, so this just helps that. Well I don’t really think its helping….but its certainly not letting it get any worse.

Let me know what masks you love, or how you feel about this one!!

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