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Meghan Markle Affordable Style: Invictus Games 2017

Yeah, you know what? Here we are again. Meghan Markle. So, I just wanna say, don’t act like ALL the lifestyle bloggers wouldn’t have been talking about Princess Di. You know, if that was a thing. Can you imagine the blogs when Di stepped out in that “Oh you want to cheat on me Charles? Okay then” dress? The internet would have been chaos.

Anyway, Meghan Markle has had consistently excellent style, even before she was a royal. If we’re being honest, I kind of miss her pre-royal style. Don’t get me wrong, I love those damn dresses and fascinators. But that is not something I can realistically replicate in my everyday life, because I live in Northwest Ohio and my feet hate high heels.

Pre-royal, Meghan was very casual. It was usually some kind of skinny jean, ankle length, with some flats and a button up shirt. The exact outfit that I think exemplifies her perfect style is from one of her first outings with Harry at The Invictus Games in 2017.

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The denim

I don’t even want to begin to talk about her hair, and how perfect it always is. So let’s start with her jeans. She is specifically wearing The Looker Ankle Fray Jeans by Mother, which are retailing for $210. Which is just not in my price range. I’ve tried to compile cheaper options for each piece. These are a little easy, because they are really just ankle length skinny jeans, and those are super in style right now.

The shirt

Meghan is wearing The Husband shirt by Misha Nonoo here. I know, from obsessive research, that Misha Nonoo is actually a friend of Meghan Markle’s so she probably has a lot of pieces from her if you want to check out the brand. The Husband shirt retails for $185 and is perfectly tucked and flowy. The key is to look for a shirt that is longer than normal, like a boyfriend shirt. You can get the half tuck, and loosen up the buttons on the top.

The flats

Meghan Markle has the best flats, and as someone with tiny ass toddler feet, I’m jealous. They flop off my damn feet, so I need good flats that are available in small or half sizes. She is also wearing the flats in an old chic instagram here. She is wearing The Natalie by Sarah Flint, costing a cool $345. However, they come in a sizze four (4!!!!) so I’m about to buy these right now #Bankruptcy.

Finally, the purse

I am obsessed with this purse, and it is actually affordable, as far as leather bags go anyway. She is rocking The Day Market Tote by Everlane, which would only set you back $175. Which kind of does sound ridiculous, but it is a real leather bag, and it’s large. Compared to Louis Vuitton, or even Kate Spade, it is a good deal. So I’m not going to find too many other options. I would say I am always a little careful with buying large bags that are on the cheap side, just because the handles usually cant hold up very long with the amount of stuff you can fit into it. Next thing you know your handles snap off and your mini wine bottles are sprawled everywhere.

And those are the very fabulous parts of this outfit. She is wearing sunglasses, but honestly you can find those anywhere. Her particular brand is Finlay and Co., but those resemble Ray-bans as well.

Cheers to having such a fabulous, perfect, expensive, outfit that it gets made for paper dolls one day!

P.s. the paper doll book was a Christmas gift, I have no idea where they got it from but I’m obsessed with it

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