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Book Review: Jan – June 2022 Surprises

The first surprise, I’m back. Life got busy, life got boring, life got mundane, blah blah BLAH. I’ve been taking my two passions (books and movies) to instagram stories for a brief recap on what I’ve been spending my 47 free minutes a week doing.

In my perfect world, I would love to start bringing some of those things here. So, I am going to try and bring some of my reviews here each month! Nothing involved or lengthy, just short and sweet recaps of things I loved…….and things I hated. Basically a book and movie lovers toot or boot a la Drag Race

So, with that lets do a tiny tiny recap of a few….

The Shining by Stephen King

I admit it took me FAR too long to read this. First of all, it’s on the longer side, and as someone who had a book quota to hit I was scared of committing too much time to one book. I am a reading machine, but if it doesn’t grasp me it can take me foreverrrr to read. This was not the case, I flew by. You know the movie? The famous movie with the longest cigarette ash known to man?

“Help me” – that cigarette ash probably.

FORGET IT. Nothing is the same. The characters in the book are SO dynamic. The movie paints them as dull, awful, one note, and for that (and several other reasons) Stanley Kubrick needs to be jailed. If horror isn’t your thing, it’s honestly not scary. It has a dark vibe, and parts are unnerving, but there’s no creepy twins ruining your life. Read it, and then tell Stephen King he was right to HATE the movie.

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

HIIIII ABBY. This book was recommended to me by Abby B. and it changed my life. I don’t read romance, I very much stick to thrillers…because my life doesn’t cause me nearly enough anxiety. However, I love Adam Driver and in a perfect world if I didn’t live in Midwest Ohio and was 4 feet taller I believe we could be soul mates, and this book is based off of Reylo fanfic. Also, it’s a grumpy sunshine situation. Olive is all sunshine and great and Adam is grumpy and serious, and you know what, I don’t even want to talk about it, I want to read it again. If you haven’t read this, just know there’s a reason this exploded on booktok….and just wait until you get to that chapter.


As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson

GOODBYE. I loved this series. I gave everyone the first book who asked me what to read next. I got my hands on the second one, and I almost liked that one better! So I snatched up this final book, dying to see how it all got wrapped up…. Just don’t. I have actually stopped recommending the series because this book ruined everything. The first half of this book is just as good as the first two, I was ROPED IN. Then comes the twist near the middle, and it ruined everything. It’s like an alien took over the bodies of the main characters and made them act completely different. The things Pip does in the second half of this book are things Pip would NEVER do, and I stand by that. I have no idea how this is rated so highly on goodreads? Bribes, Confusion, Delusion, because it certainly didn’t deserve it. The second star is because the first half of this book is amazing. The last half is a fat ass zero.

I’m gunna end it here!

This seems like a good dip back into the waters, and honestly I don’t hate anything as much as that book so there’s nowhere else to go. I have read almost 40 books so far, so I cannot possibly go back and review them all, but we can start fresh from here!

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Byeeeee !

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