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July Reading Recap

I managed to read five books in July, one of them being on July 30-31. In other exciting news, I learned to serve a tennis ball. Just kidding, I still can’t do that. HOWEVER, I did get my first ever skip the line copy of a book on Libby!! Never have felt more like royalty than in that moment. And yes, that does include the time I went to Taco Bell at 11:45pm on a Friday and there was no line. I am going to say something controversial yet brave in the chat here, okay? So don’t say I didn’t warn you when you get there.

All aboard the reading rainbow bitches, let’s get started.

Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi

Goodfellas is a staple in my home. We have the weird dog painting in the foyer to prove it. I couldn’t believe I had never read the book that inspired it all. This is a non-fiction book telling the story of gangster Henry Hill. If you are at all interested in the Mafia you HAVE to read this. It is the most insane life story ever. The movie and the book are even matched.

Classic (It Girl #10) by Cecily von Ziegesar

Okay to be fair it is impossible for me to rate this. I finished this series finally after me and two of my friends decided to reread it. It was such a great trip down memory lane. I may even like this better than Gossip Girl? Should I reread Gossip Girl now? It was the perfect amount of cool teen chaos. Makes me want a time machine to go back and go to boarding school, and also be rich. Now we’re planning a martini date.

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I really am on a YA kick this year. I loooved this book, and I cannot wait to read book two and for book three to come out this year. This would be five stars but it’s almost toooo YA. It’s very angsty and teenager-y. The premise is amazing, Avery inherits billions from an old man. However, she doesn’t know who he was… and his family doesnt know who she is either. So Avery and his grandsons work to figure it out. Another booktok win

Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman

Looooved it. I love the alternating past and present narrative. It is one my favorite narration styles. It’s basically two stories in one that merges into one perfect end. It’s why I love those cheesy ass Valentines Day/Mothers day/New Years Eve movies. Everything tying in and converging in the end??? Anyway, that’s not exactly the same, but you get it. I loved Gabe and Chani and Ollie. I’m usually not a huge romance reader, but the celeb falls in love with “normal” girl narrative had me hooked, for no particular reason and is definitely not a secret fantasy of mine. The story progresses easily, and is full of steamy drama and tears and then happiness then more tears then more happiness. Also, it is based on a real GQ article written about Chris Evans before he became captain america…need I say more???

The It Girl by Ruth Ware


Not my favorite Ruth Ware book if we’re being honest. But I love her books so I do have some rose colored glasses when it comes to her. I am a Ruth Ware STAN TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE. This was slow and had very minimal action. A common complaint is that it’s just too long, and they’re right. It’s a quite a bit longer than other books and it shows. A lot of Hannah’s inner turmoil “could it be could it not be” we could’ve done without. It was also just not as twisty and mysterious as her other ones. The end wasn’t a huge shock and there wasn’t really enough twists along the way to suck me back it. All in all, I read this in 2 days because it was Ruth. If it wasn’t I think it would’ve taken me weeks.

If you liked Greenwich Park you’ll love this, very similar in some ways. It’s a mix between that and probably In a Dark Dark Wood to me. Despite this I will be waiting not so patiently for the next one she writes.

And that’s all folks!!

Feel free to send me recommendations! I am patiently waiting for Alice Feeney’s Daisy Darker and Lisa Jewell’s The Family Remains. Okay, not patiently. I am not patient, but that’s what I’m waiting on for August!

Don’t forget to support your local library!!!

Madison <3

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