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If I Said Sorry, I probably Wasn’t Sorry. I apologize too much.

I have contracted an illness from a freshly turned two year old, and she ain’t sorry. Kids have minimal developed talents, they can however carry a disease like nobody’s business. I learned this the hard way, next time I baby sit there will be a no contact rule, which is basically already the rule. I won’t apologize for it.

Now that that is out of the way, and I’m bid ridden, I wanted to write about something that has been bothering me for a very wrong time.

I’m probably not sorry, ever.

That for sure doesn’t stop me from saying it hundreds of times a day though. For things I just really shouldn’t be apologizing for.

I’m a picky eater. I find myself apologizing every time I don’t like something. “You don’t like pork??”, oh no I don’t, I’m sorry. I apologize when I have to make modifications to food when we eat out. I legit stopped ordering my favorite chicken chunks at Luckies because I wanted no mushrooms, and I wanted them cooked longer. What the hell am I sorry for? Why am I embarrassed to just eat whatever I want? I shouldn’t be, I should not suffer, or apologize, for eating what I like and not eating what I don’t like.

I could write a whole book on what picky eaters go through, specifically the shame brought on by other people. Oh, you’re annoyed I don’t like something? Would you like to talk to my tastebuds because I’m not sure what you want to happen here. But thats for another time!

I don’t want to apologize for myself anymore

Not saying that saying sorry is bad, you should most definitely apologize when you’ve done something wrong. But how often are you saying sorry for things you’ve done that are wrong? Probably not as often as you’re saying sorry for things you can’t or don’t want to control.

I have anxiety, I apologize all the time for it. I am sorry that it effects me so greatly, and I am sorry if it is a burden to other people. However, I am not sorry for what I do to make myself better. I’m not sorry if I say no to dinner, and you shouldn’t make me feel sorry. If I want to stay in, and it will help me, I’m not sorry for doing it.

For real, someone could full on run into me at the store, and I would straight up apologize. Like, no, you werent paying attention? Why am I the one thats sorry?

Basically, there are thousands of things you shouldn’t be sorry for

So, stop apologizing for them. If you have haven’t done anything wrong, don’t say sorry for it. Don’t apologize for how you heal, or how you better yourself (as long as you’re not being a rude bitch). For sure don’t apologize for not liking shit. NO I don’t want to come to your essential oil and 72 hour lipstick wear party, and I am NOT sorry about it.

But for real, don’t be a dick about it. Say what you would normally say, just omit “I’m sorry”. “Oh barb, I’d love to come to your tupperware party, but I can’t, Im sorry“. See? Easy. Unless, like, you’re genuinely sad you cannot attend a party to purchase items at a markup that you can get at Costco. In that case, feel free to apologize.

It’s important to acknowledge that the things you apologize for could be burdens to other people. Canceling plans last minute, saying no to a party, making 100 food modifications, and that’s okay. You can always apologize for how you made someone feel, you don’t always have to apologize for why you made them feel that way.

Your feelings, your needs, your wants, they are all valid. Never feel the need to apologize for yourself.

Now get out there and get the extra onions no green peppers and be a bitch!! Jk……kinda.. 😉


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