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Healthy Swaps – My Success So Far

With this crazy ridiculous weight gain, I have been trying to swap out some unhealthy foods with healthy versions for a while. Right when I noticed my weight gain I was like alright, let’s start with the obvious problem, food.

Since then, through the ups and downs of trying to figure out the problem, I’m still trying to make an effort to make healthy swaps from things that could be easily swapped out. Like, I’m not ready to ditch cheese or pasta yet. However, pop, sugar, candy? I could ditch those for some alternatives.

These are my current best healthy swaps I’ve found so far

five healthy alternatives. Including, pop, sugar, candy, chips and alcohol
1. Zevia; 2. Smart Sweets Sour Gummy Bears; 3. Lakanto Monk fruit Sweetener; 4. Hippeas;

Now, these are not the only healthy swaps I’ve made, or tried. I’ve tried some truly awful stuff, and some “eh it’s okay” stuff that I wouldn’t swap out every time. I’m extremely picky, so it’s a huge win when I find something that can be good and good for me.

Let’s dissect.

  1. Zevia. This was the first swap I made. I will say, I was never a huge pop drinker. However, I love ginger ale and using sprite for my mixed drinks, and sometimes you just need a pop. This was a close enough change for me that it was a no brainer. No carbs, no sugar, no fat, no calories, and it doesn’t have a bitter taste. It does not taste identical to pop, so if you’re a hardcore pop drinker it might be an adjustment, but worth it! I get it at Kroger and its usually 4.99 for a 6-pack.
  2. Smart Sweets Candy. This was my latest swap. The sour gummy bears really taste like candy. I had read about these online and how they’re like almost all fiber so the net carbs and sugar are really low, so I was like theres no way they taste good right? I found a bag at Kroger!! So I was like alright before I order these online lets try them. I was insanely surprised at how much they tasted like sour gummy bears. I loved them so much I went back and bought seven bags of them lol. They are a bit pricey at 2.50-3.00 per bag, but I just eat a few here and there and a bag can usually last me a couple days. Candy was my number one, I love love love candy. It was the hardest for me to quit so I’m happy I found something that can replace it when I want it.
  3. Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetner. This was one of those weird switches where I don’t consume a lot of sugar, but if I could just replace the sugar I do use…why wouldn’t I? I tried a few other sugar alternatives, some way too bitter, and some way too sweet. This one is a true 1:1 sugar replacement. So it should taste just as sweet, and not too weird. It did have like a small small small minty feel to it, but it didn’t taste minty. I use this in my teas and coffee, replacing probably 3 tablespoons a day, but hey, everything counts. I got this off amazon and they now sell it at Costco!!
  4. Hippeas. Okay, this is where I always fall flat. Finding a good chip alternative is so hard. These are like….chickpea puffs? Or something. My friend told me about them. I have the BBQ flavor and honestly, they aren’t awful, but they do not taste like chips. In their defense, they mostly just taste like BBQ, but there is a hint of whatever flavor a damn chickpea is. If you have good good chip alternatives, hit me up! I also found these at kroger!
  5. Vodka/water/mio. Once I did a little research, this was a sad no brainer for me. I love wine, and I really only drink white and rosé wine. However, those calories still add up. SO, Ketel One Botanical flavors are only like 75 calories with no carbs or sugar added. Where as a regular pour of wine (and trust and believe I’m not giving myself regular pours) was over 170 calories. So I could have a couple vodkas with water and a dash of no calorie Mio, for way less calories. Or I muddle in some fresh limes/lemons and mint. I still have wine sometimes, but the switch is so worth it for my night cap.

Also, if Ketel One is a bit pricey, Smirnoff makes a new infused vodka with almost the same nutritional info, and the commercial has Kristen Bell and Ted Dansen in it….so…..

Short, sweet, and to the point. So get out there and find your new favorite swaps! When you find those swaps, please tell me what they are! I’m always on the hunt for something better.

Cheers to healthy-ish living! (With your new healthier drink……or wine still, I don’t judge).

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