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Firelands Winery Trip

Today I ventured out about forty-five minutes to a local winery with my parents and my best friend. Let me tell you, wineries are the shit. Not only are they instagram perfect, you just buy bottles of wine and wander around with them. They also offer food along with their endless wine, and a self guided tour. Self guided tours are the best tours because even if I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d rather hear it from myself than Rachel the enthusiastic tour guide. I learned domestic champagne was created right here in Ohio for the very first time. How the hell did I NOT know that the thing I love most was brought to life here? This was my first time at a winery, and I cannot believe it took me 24 years to go to one. They are my new obsession and I cannot wait to venture to another one.

They offer $3 flights of wine, and there are like 12 different flights you can choose from. . . and then you can buy bottles, which will run you around $9 (FOR REAL, NINE), ask for some glasses and just do whatever the hell you want.

We took the very short self guided tour (they do not bottle on the weekends). The lady pouring us our flights told us to get a little tipsy before we took the tiny tour to make it seem more cool than it was, I respect that. You can see where all the wine is held, and what it is all stewing in, and there are informational posters throughout the tour. Which is where I found out DOMESTIC CHAMPAGNE WAS CREATED HERE IN OHIO!

We ordered a Margherita flatbread and a charcuterie board, and let me tell you, they did NOT disappoint. The flatbreads are baked in a fire oven right in the kitchen.

They have a nice outdoor area with a gazebo where you can hang out and then check out the vines where the grapes grow. They also have a covered outdoor area where you can sit and eat and drink your bottles of wine in the weird 85 degree October weather. Hit this place up, you will not be disappointed. . . we left with seven bottles of wine (and we drank 4 while we were there).

Check out this gallery that kind of looks real blurry for some reason even though I (my mom) take FANTASTIC pictures. [All were taken with a Canon 5D Mark 3 with a 50mm lens.] Click to enlarge.

Pin and share with your friends! This hidden gem in Northern Ohio is one of my new favorite places!!

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