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Crushing a Family Feud Audition

Have you ever watched TV and been like “yeah I can do that“? Thats how my family ended up at Family Feud auditions. There was a post going around facebook, that they were coming to the area where I live I decided to just fill out the application and see where it took us. With the amount of shares it was getting in my community, and the fact that I did NOT include a video, I figured our chances were pretty slim, but whatever. Don’t talk about it, be about it SON. So we were about it, and got an email around a week later telling us to request an in person audition time. 

Hell yeah, now by this time I had been obsessively googling on how to get on Family Feud. I was actually so obsessed with just getting on the show that I forgot there was a cash prize until we were all fighting about how to split up a car 6 different ways in our group chat. So, I felt I was prepared and when I got that email I was on it.

MATCHING SHIRTS was one of the first things shouted in the group chat. These people want to see your family in matching ridiculous outfits. Get your whole squad in zoot suits, they do not care. You’re going to be auditioning around 500 other families, you need to stand out. If you don’t bother to match, DO YOU EVEN CARE?!

filling out the paper application

We all chose purple, to honor my aunt (their mother) who passed away from pancreatic cancer. But also it was game day, so I had to wear a buckeye jersey (we beat Penn state, and we pretend the week after that never happened).

You get in line to register and you are given your paper application you have to fill out with general info, some interesting facts, and a story if you have one. You really have to kill it on these too, just in case you don’t do the best on your audition, if you look good on paper you could have a second chance. Make your interesting facts just super ridiculous, personalize as many things as you possibly can.

  • like my family so graciously put for me: single, married or divorced– circled single and then put an arrow coming from divorce that said “maybe one day”

after that, you wait. You wait for your name to be called so that you can get up and play a mock game against another family who is auditioning. They split up the over 500 families into different groups of rooms so that it will go by faster, but chances are you’ll have to wait a little bit.

When you finally get called it does not matter whether you win or lose, they just want to make sure you could make good TV. So…MAKE GREAT TV. Be obnoxious and laugh and yell and whatever else your normally not allowed to do at family outings. Dead silence on air is terrible television and will kill your audition. Encourage your family members when they can’t think of any answers.

trying to figure out how all of us are going to fit in this picture

we managed to all fit 🙂

You gotta yell GOOD ANSWER GOOD ANSWER (a family feud rally call) even if you want to strangle your family member for picking Mexico as one of the most popular EUROPEAN vacation spots (a different family..not ours). You gotta pump out those high fives and chest bumps like it is your JOB.

Each team plays a regular round, and then plays the huddle side. This is where your game lives or dies.



Your huddle has to be POINT. The Family Feud staff want straight fire coming out of your huddle, when they bring it to you to steal you better bust out of the huddle like you are 12 and at an LFO concert. Straight energy, yell all your answers out loud to your captain like a maniac. You dont even have to win your huddle, just be the best damn huddle they have ever seen. Come out of that huddle like you already know you won your round.

And then after that, you are done. You are free to leave while other families still audition. They handed back the paper applications (we did not get ours back, not sure if there is a reason) and then you can bounce.

all done

or you can go to the hotel bar and have a piña colada, and have the bartender think your ID belongs to your mother. Apparently I look 40.


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  • Reply Cyndee

    Did your family make it to the next round??
    My family auditioned this past weekend. The producer commented that we knew how to come out of the huddle. Hopefully, it will be promising.

    October 16, 2018 at 7:50 pm
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