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Eucalyptus Shower – Cheap Spa Hack

Is there anything better a relaxing, flaming hot shower? Just standing there, letting the water wash away all your previous stress, and like actual dirt from your scalp. No shower is like a spa shower though. The whole place smells fantastic, they have fancy water, it feels like your soul is getting clean. Except, you cannot offer chilled cucumber water in your bathroom because thats weird, and also poop air. So, enter, the eucalyptus shower.

eucalyptus shower leaves

The eucalyptus shower

I had been hearing about this for a while, but fresh eucalyptus isn’t that easy to find where I live. And by “not easy to find” I mean Kroger doesn’t carry it. Except this week, THEY DID. I scooped it up so fast. Except it’s right when you walked in, so I almost immediately checked out and didn’t get any groceries. (I would check a floral shop, I was just always too lazy to check).

The benefits of eucalyptus are plentiful. The smell helps relieve stress, it helps you breathe easier if you’re sick, it’s aesthetically pleasing, guests will think you’re the Beyonc√© of the group. The list goes on and on, just google it, or ask one of your 47 local essential oil distributors.

fresh eucalyptus leaves

I have the eucalyptus, now what?

Okay perfect, you found the only thing you need to have a eucalyptus shower, let’s move on. First thing is first, you need to bruise the leaves a little bit so that the oil and fragrance can come out. Just lay them out flat and roll over them with a rolling pin (or bottle of wine), or use a type of muddler to smash piles of the leaves. Now, don’t beat the shit out of them but you do wanna crush them fairly well, so that you’re getting something out of them.

After that you need to bundle them together and hang them somewhere in the shower. What I did was tied them together with elastic and then hung them off the shower caddy that hangs on my shower head. You can also rubber band them together, and then rubber band them onto the back of your shower head.

The key to hanging them is too keep them out of the direct stream of water, so you get a decent amount of life out of them. By keeping them near the back of the shower, and out of the stream, the eucalyptus can keep releasing the benefits for over a week.

eucalyptus shower

Also, people bruise them up well and put them in a vase in the shower. My bathroom is no where near fancy enough to have a vase in the shower. It would be like if someone brought Tiffany china plates to eat at Applebees.

Thats it, all done!

After you’re done hanging it, that’s all you have to do. You should have the most relaxing shower for at least a week. If it doesn’t seem like it’s releasing enough you may just have to bruise the leaves a little more.

Does anyone else have any cheap spa hacks for at home? While I wait for your hacks I’ll keep running up the worlds highest water bill and asking for artisanal waters and wine while I shower.

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