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Downtown Toledo Brunch Edition

If there is one thing I know on Saturday, it is that the next morning there will be brunch to be had. Have a nice relaxing Saturday at home? You deserve some brunch. Did you get too drunk, get kicked out of a bar, and fall asleep at 3am? Recoup with….you already know…

I take brunch very seriously. Like how Bob Evans SAYS they have it but that is a total lie because there are no mimosas. or how some other places say they have it but only have lunch food and make their mimosas with moscato. NO.

One place in Toledo throws a proper brunch, and one place is a close runner up.

In first place, Manhattans Pub and Cheer, downtown on adams street.

they strictly only serve it on Sunday 10am-2pm and then they are closed. That is how it should be, you don’t get to brunch at 3pm?! You deserve the McDonalds chicken nuggets you get by then.

Manhattan’s brunch menu is also unrivaled. Breakfast, lunch, pastries, made to order waffles, omelet bar, roast, ham, EVERYTHING.

The atmosphere is also beautiful, exposed brick, in the heart of downtown great for your instagrams yo.

This location is a little involved, its a full on all you can eat buffet and its usually pretty busy (for good reason). But for around 18-19 bucks you can get all you can eat brunch(!!), bottomless coffee, and one free mimosa(!!).

if you subtract the price of the mimosa, you’re really paying like 12 dollars for all that amazing food.

So go on and drag your friend who is missing one fingernail, has one half of their winged eyeliner left, and might wear the same outfit AND GET YOUR ASS TO BRUNCH. Do it for me guys.


If that is too much work for you, Bravo on Monroe St. at the Franklin Park Mall is also comparable. Not a buffet, still a little pricey, and sells mimosas by the carafe.


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