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Coffee Cups

What makes me happy, you ask?

Whenever I think about what makes me happy, or what would make me happy its always something dramatic. 

“I can finally afford that Gucci belt”, “I really want a Louis Vuitton”, “I want to go to Greece”. I’m really an all or nothing bitch, but I’m trying to change that, you wanna know why?

The other day I was drinking flaming hot tea of my Yeti, which gratefully keeps beverages right around the temperature of actual hell. I was drinking it and burning my lips off, and I remembered how much I love drinking tea out of actual tea mugs. I have so many I’ve hoarded even though my mom said I wasn’t allowed to take up anymore cupboard space. But I don’t have time to drink of tea cups. By the time I can drink it, it’s already cold. It’s not realistic to drink a cup of tea at work because our microwave is from 1964. When the weekend rolls around I just want to sit in bed and watch trashy TV until I have something to do. I don’t want to wake up and go start the kettle and come back in here. 

But then I remembered…

But then I remembered how much joy that little thing brought me. One stupid tea cup could change my whole mood for the day. I’m so focused on the big things that would make me happy, like really really happy (have you seen Greece?) that I’m just forgetting all the small things I can do for myself that will make me happy. I’m so focused on my debt, and my mental health, and working full time, that I just let all the little stuff slip through the cracks while I’m dreaming of the big stuff. 

So, now I’m going to make the time. I’m going to make the time to drink out of my extensive, eclectic, tacky, large coffee cup collection. I won’t even let it get cold first, which is like a mom thing. Where they never get to drink hot coffee because they’re being being fucking background superheroes in the darkness. My excuse is just because I’m lazy, or get distracted. However, that stops now. It’s a new month and I’m using fall to start over. The little things are not going to fall through the cracks anymore.

I will make time for coffee cups, and all the face masks sitting in my fridge and in my vanity, I will write more, I will read more, I will put the small things in the front and the large things in the back. Not that I’m forgetting about my Gucci belt or Kardashian style Greece trip, but they’ll in the back until they’re realistic. 

So for now, its tea cups and pinterest!

What are the little things you are going to incorporate back into your life?

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