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Amazon Interesting finds 20 under 20

Are you an Amazon junkie? Do you get high on the idea that you can get something from the internet in JUST TWO DAYS?! Me too home dog, me too. I really wanted to say “Me too girl” there but I’m trying to be gender inclusive because, you know, there could be dudes here. So I chose home dog on the fly instead. Much like when my friend wanted to call her son a little asshole when he was splashing her in the pool, but you know…you cant, so she spewed out “little weasel” instead. Mom brains are amazing.


I live for Amazons “interesting finds” section. It is full of the most quirky, unique, and fun items ever. It is pretty hard to sift through, because there is so much, so I’m going to do the hard part for you here. I’m going to find 20 of (what I think) are the coolest and best finds this week. Also they will all be under twenty bucks because I saw a buzzfeed post of target finds under $50 and that just really does me no good, Im not dropping $50 on ONE item at target. Mostly because I have $14 in my checking account and my credit card payment is due today. Also they will all be prime because lets be honest, if I cant get it in two days I don’t even want it anymore.

  1. Bella Vino Crystal Champagne Flutes, $18

Did you really think there was not going to be champagne related item up in here? These hand blown champagne flutes are the business.

2. I do what I want mug, $12

I like to imagine that all cats say cuss words, and if my cat had more fingers she would for sure be flipping me off. Very accurate mug.

3. Cactus tea lights, $10

These are equal parts cute and hip. Impress your friends with a succulent you cant murder.

4. Cat paw tongs, $13

I need these. Flipped your grilled cheeses, pinch some butts, the options are endless.

5. Cosmo tape dispenser, $12

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Pretend to drink this at work to make the one person, who laughs too hard at everything, pee their pants.

6. Cat paw door stopper, $16

Okay I actually do have this and I cannot live without it. If your cat is rude as hell and busts into your rooms, leaving the door wide open, you need this.

7. Lavender sea salt spray, $16

I love lavender and I love sea salt spray, I don’t see anything not to love.

8. Cooling plush eye mask, $16

I have one of these and it saves my life. Pop it in the fridge and ice your headache (hangover) with super cold plush eye mask.

9. 10 pack blood bag cups, $15

Perfectly creepy for halloween. Or even more creepy if you use it all year round.

10. 3 Pack skull and cross bones mold, $12

I would say perfect for halloween, but I’d use these all the time. . .

11. Tina Belcher Funko Pop Keychain, $4

What better way to subtly let people know you like erotic friend fiction and touching butts.

12. TriceraTACO 2 shell holder, $13

Okay, this is super ridiculous but someone needs to get it so we can all talk about how dumb it is.

13. 2 pack Nessy Soup Ladle, $7

No explanation needed. Except I used to really love the idea of the lochness monster. “Nessy, our underwater ally” – Napoleon Dynamite.

14. Deer antler key holder, $13

Okay, this is way smaller than it looks but it would be super cute as a key holder by the door. We cant have a key holder because then what would we do with the extra 15 minutes we use looking for our keys every morning.

15. 2 salt tea light candle holders, $15

I really dont know if these cure anxiety, or clean the air or whatever they’re supposed to do. They’re basically the new coconut oil, so just get a Himalayan salt lamp product.

16. Polaroid book, $12

I love polaroids. I shoot polaroids whenever possible, which is when I have an extra 25 dollars. A book full of random polaroids is a hipsters dream. To quote Dwight Schrute “I’m not James Franco”.

17. Glass Constellation Coasters, $8

Look like Kate Spade without the Kate Spade price tag. Also constellations are super cool, I wouldn’t know though because every time we had a field trip to the planetarium I immediately fell asleep.

18. Wine Wipes, $6

We use one phrase a lot over here, and that phrase is… purple teeth. You know when you’re just hanging out with your friends enjoying a disgustingly dry Pinot Noir and you step into the bathroom to discover it looks like you ate a piece of dark purple chalk? Yeah, these will get rid of that.

19. Wonder Woman Apron, $12

Its 2017, embrace the badass you truly are before its too late. Hit people with the lasso of truth to find out if their Louis Vuitton purse is fake, (it is).

20. Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser, $6

The beatles may have done a whole ass ton of drugs, but at least we got this cute loose leaf tea infuser out of it.


Stock up for Christmas or have a super cheap Treat Yo Self day.


Quick disclaimer, these prices are current as of 10/8/2017. I know amazon changes their prices like eight thousand times, so these will fluctuate (like the shoes I liked that were $45 and now they’re $90) or they may disappear all together. These are also affiliate links, if you so choose to purchase something from amazon, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. 🙂

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