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2019 Oscars Party! Ballot, Bingo, and Food


It is absolutely no secret that Oscar Sunday is my FAVORITE Sunday in the entire calendar year. Nothing comes close to that magic. I love the champagne, the fashion, the Leo snubs deserved awards. I love the Oscars so much, I went to the red carpet last year and screamed at celebrities. No, for real, check it out. Pssssttt….The freebies are at the end! Scroll down.

I am very competitive

That is also not at all a secret. I love to play games, and I love to win. Every year we do Oscars ballots, we started probably 4 or 5 years ago. We all sit around, paranoid that someone is copying, and fill out our ballots while the food is cooking and the red carpet is running. It’s so exciting to see who gets “sound mixing” and “makeup” right, because honestly, who the hell knows that?

So I decided to make my own this year

I’m very particular about the “look” of things. I love a certain theme. For the Oscars a simple black and gold theme is perfect (with splashes of red, obv). Im also picky about 100 other things, so it’s just easier to make my own. Especially now that our Oscars party is getting larger. And that means I can offer it to you guys for free!

Also, for the first time ever, we’re going to try Oscars bingo! I got my inspiration from this website, but I wanted to make it relevant and specific to this year. Some of the bingo sheets I have seen have just the names of nominees and movies. I wanted to add an element of fun and drama, because well, I love drama. Now we can root for someone to fumble with the envelope, or struggle with their elaborate outfit. Im excited for this!

Now for the food

We usually have a handful of children present, so to make dinner fun (and eatable) we do make your own pizzas! That way everyone gets whatever they want. No compromising on food for the kids, and no kids crying because there is one single piece of sausage on their slice of pizza.

Buy some cheap mini crusts from the grocery store, and buy a small amount of various toppings and set them out and let everyone go to town. It’s so cheap and everyone likes making their own pizza exactly how they want it.

Also, obviously, stock up and popcorn and have various bowls

e v e r y w h e r e .

Everyone loves popcorn, and loves to mindlessly eat while they watch TV. You can even mix up the flavors. Some of my favorites are Parmesan Ranch, and Chili lime, although I wouldn’t pop it in coconut oil because I love full fat, and do not like the taste of coconut oil.

The drinks are easy

Champagne is the only acceptable beverage this Sunday. I already made a list of my favorite champagnes for all budgets, check that out here.

If you want to get really fancy, fresh fruit puree is so good in champagne. Blend up some peaches for a Bellini, or raspberries and strawberries even. You will not regret it.

Get your party on!!

Set the rules (Ballots filled out before the start of the show, bingo only valid during the show and no red carpet, etc.), get your food ready, and get ready for a great night!

I suggest getting a couple bottles of cheap wine, Barefoot has great spritzers for like $5, and maybe grab a couple $5 gift cards if you want to amp up the competition!

All in all, it’s just fun to sit by the fire, drinking my favorite drink, and watch Hollywood chaos!

Enjoy the Freebies!!


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