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Count down to the Golden Globes. AKA the start of AWARD SEASON.

2 words. Award. Season

(Skip to the bottom for the drinking game)

I live for award season. I have my sheets, my data, my research, MY CHAMPAGNE, and I’m ready. The Golden Globes is often referred to the beginning of red carpet (award) season. The kick off the season and the larger awards follow afterwards. Not that the Golden Globes ARE NOT an important award, they are just the most fun so they are taken less seriously. The Golden Globes are mostly known for the bottomless supply of Moët, a.k.a, my wildest dream. I actually purchased moët champagne sippers for splits of champagne (available on ebay). So mixed with the endless champagne, and the first red carpet of the year, it makes for a very very interesting show. And I like to drink along..

While I usually just drink champagne by itself, you can’t go wrong with making a special beverage for your guests. We do not throw down for the Golden Globes over here, we wait and pool all our resources for a giant Oscar party (my favorite day of the year). However, for those people who do throw down for the Golden Globes, here is a beverage. It is so easy to make, it does not require a lot of ingredients (making it cheap), and it is still champagne based.

Im talkin’ bout bellini’s:

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Its basically like a mimosa, but frozen. 

Prep Time 4 minutes
Total Time 4 minutes


  • some Champagne
  • some Frozen fruit
  • pinch sugar


  1. I recommend La Marca, or Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee for the champagne. Strawberry and Peaches work best for the fruit component. Now all you do, is throw all this shit in a blender and viola! you are done.

    Some people do not drink bellini's frozen, and those people are wrong.

Okay, now that you have your champagne, lets talk red carpet.

Its the first of the season, so the bar is essentially being set. There is nothing to compare to and new trends are being tested. I’m living for it. I’m screaming about slits and necklines whilst clutching my champagne next to my fireplace. Okay, that all sounds really dramatic. Its mostly me sitting in the recliner next to the fireplace screaming “MOM” every time someone steps out in something interesting. Even though my mom is about 7 feet away making special award season dinner (and can see the TV).

Granted, this years fashion will be a biiiiit different. Several attendees have vowed to wear black in protest of the current sexual harassment Hollywood is facing. I am very interested to see this play out on the red carpet. While we are prepping for that, lets take a look at the ghosts of red carpets past.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the past couple of years:

Embed from Getty Images

Mandy Moore, 2017,  Naeem Khan.

Embed from Getty Images

Lily Collins, 2017, Zuhair Murad Couture.

Okay, I love this whole look. The blush rose lace dress, the red lip, the bold brow.

Embed from Getty Images

Brie Larson, 2016, Calvin Klein.

It’s the Golden Globes, wear that sparkle girl. Matches well with her Golden Globe Statue she got for Room, which was WELL deserved.

Embed from Getty Images

Emmy Rossum, 2016, Armani Prive.

Simple. Chic. Bangin neckwear.

Embed from Getty Images

Gina Rodriguez, 2016, Zac Posen.

I loved this gown literally the second I saw it. I love the deep color and her sleek hair.

Embed from Getty Images

Amy Adams, 2015, Versace. 

Embed from Getty Images

Mila Kunis, 2014, Gucci Premiere.

Embed from Getty Images

Lupita Nyong’o, 2014, Ralph Lauren.

Sleeves?! Cape?! The PERFECT red hue for her skin tone?! Yes!!

Embed from Getty Images

Nicole Richie, 2013, Naeem Khan.

This girl done brought IT back. I am a SUCKER for sleeves. She has come a long way from her simple life days, and this is just so chic.

Embed from Getty Images

Jessica Alba, 2013, Oscar de la Renta. 

Okay, I don’t loooove peach, but somehow it looks great on her. I just really love the shape of this dress. A nice subtle mermaid bottom.

Embed from Getty Images

Kate Hudson, 2013, Alexander McQueen.

She did what a dress on the red carpet is supposed to do, scream “LOOK AT ME” and stop you in your tracks. It is so elegant but also so fun?

Embed from Getty Images

Taylor Swift, 2013, Donna Karan Atelier.

I’m recently a secret T.S stan. The color of this dress is weird, but this neckline and fabric is one of my favorite combinations EVER.  This dress just really is amazing. I would try to wear to this to the grocery store and shit.

Embed from Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale, 2011, Roberto Cavalli. 

This dress just looks like it would slink and hug your body. I want it.

Embed from Getty Images

Angelina Jolie, 2011, Atelier Versace.

I don’t really like the shape of this dress as much as the sparkly emerald green compliments her hair in an amazing way. Nothing ever compliments my hair because its always 4 days dirty and trying to frizz itself off of my scalp.

Embed from Getty Images

Anne Hathaway, 2011, Armani.

SLEEVES. YOU ALREADY KNOW. Plus, it’s the perfect rose champagne color.

Embed from Getty Images

Olivia Wilde, 2011, Marchesa.

First of all, I want to be buried in this dress. Second of all, THAT SPARKLE.

Drinking gaaaame!

What fun is an award show without an aspect you can participate in at home?! Get you, your friends, and your champagne reserves ready because here is a

  • Drink every time someone mentions how much champagne there is
  • Drink if someone refers to it as the “fun Oscars”
  • Drink every time Meryl Streep looks unbothered
  • Drink when someone mentions how many awards Meryl has/how they cant believe they beat her/
  • Finish your drink when someone tries to make light of the sexual harassment problem in Hollywood
  • Drink if a woman is NOT wearing black
  • Drink if a woman refuses to answer the “who are you wearing” question
  • Drink if someone makes fun of/impersonates Trump
  • Finish your drink if that someone is Alec Bladwin
  • Finish your drink if someone says they were not prepared, and then pulls out a list/is clearly prepared
  • Drink if someone uses their acceptance speech for a cause
  • Drink if someone mentions Jordan Peele or Patty Jenkins snub
  • Finish your drink if a celeb is noticeably drunk

What are your predictions? What are your favorite looks, or least favorite looks? (I love the drama)

I’ll be back with the fresh drama after the show, and I’ll be here alllll award season so look out for my Oscar’s posts.

Tune in this Sunday, January 7th at 5pm!!

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