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13 Reasons Why Season 2 aka Wig Gate

As I watch the final episodes of 13 Reasons Why, I want to recap this shit.

I’m not ready to talk about the Royal Wedding yet, okay? So, this is where we are right now.

There are obviously spoilers up in here. You’ve been warned.

13 Reasons Why Season 2 proved to be just of a hot mess as the first.

The book? Fantastic! The first season depiction? It was actually kind of good, and entertaining. It showed a dramatized version of how awful high school could be. UNTIL — they did what they did to Hannah’s scene. It was supposed to be pills, it was quiet, peaceful, and easy. They needed a shock factor. So, they did what they did, and I hated it. Then they stuck up for it, and I hated it even more. That is where they lost me for good, I won’t be a fan, but I’ll watch it. It is entertaining.

Alrighty, lets get started.

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I need to get some thing off of my chest.

  1. Alex and Hannah’s mom are wearing the same wig. I refuse to believe anything different. There must have been a two for one sale at the wig store and they thought, you know what? we can make this work.
  2. There is a blatant disregard for the cost of the nostalgia. I shoot film, I love it. However, a box full of blackmail polaroids?? Do you know polaroids cost like $1-2 per individual photo. And I know Bryce Walker wasn’t using the more affordable Fujifilm Instax because they dont come in the classic square size. Homeboy was using a Polaroid One Step, and was out buying film for 20 dollars for 10 images just to take inventory pictures. I really don’t think so. However, he was loaded so who knows.
    1. It also costs a lot to develop regular film as well, what our homeboy Tyler was using. However, he develops it himself in a dark room and I don’t know the cost difference. What I know is a roll of film costs like $30 to develop, and he shoots like 50 rolls so..

Okay, on to the substance of 13 Reasons Why.


Homeboy really spiraled out here. The Hannah ghost storyline was just way too much for me. She was like half ghost and half human. I get she was Clay’s mind, thoughts, and his conscience, but I just wasn’t here for it. They weren’t going to NOT have Katherine Langford on the call sheet though, so I get it.

Also…The Clay and Skye storyline? What the hell was the point. It was the most boring and pointless storyline. First of all, I hated that couple. Clay attached himself to another damaged person. Great. He knew she was a cutter? And he did not report it to school, or his parents, or anyone? Great. Then there is some actual drama. She tries to stick her hand down his pants at dinner. She causes a scene in Clay’s room. She is rushed to the hospital and rehab. Alright, I can get behind some drama. THEN.. nothing. Clay calls her like every episode giving a brief synopsis and then all of a sudden she’s moving and never coming back. Great. Thank you for wasting my time.

Clay was far too angsty for me. He wanted to help Hannah, and then he didn’t give a fuck. Then he’s screaming alone in his room talking a dead girl. Clay fell off the wagon completely.

He tried to shoot Bryce, and then held the gun to his own head. Until Justin Foley had to save him.

He finally gets his shit together at the end, realizing he’s fighting the bigger fight.

Gives a touching eulogy at Hannah’s funeral, and her ghost entity walks out the door, and metaphor for her leaving.

Then becomes friends with the punk kids at the dance, wtf is that about.


Alright, I’m still not sure how to feel. His storyline was a little heart breaking for me. His road to recovery, his anger at the recovery. It seemed real to me, however, I do not know anyone who has been in that situation so I can’t really speak on the realness. He loses his shit a couple times, but he’s allowed.

He was so connected to Jessica and her story. He wanted to help her, he wanted to stop the sexual assault that was happening to apparently everyone. He literally did everything, received harassing shit about his attempt and he even wobbled up with his cane and pulled out a gun on a jock, like some OG Grandma.

He then ends up with Jessica at the end, asking her to the dance at Hannah’s wake.

Until Jessica gets freaky with Justin, I sense trouble brewing


I lived for this. Zach was everything I wanted everyone else to be. He was changed. He got sick of everyone’s shit, and he owned up to his own shit. We learned that him and Hannah actually dated. I was livid, they were perfect. They deserved to ride off in the sunset together. I think Zach finally losing his shit was my favorite. He was in with the athletes and they were all supposed to be working together until Zach was like actually I don’t think so anymore. He quit the team, he worked with Clay and everyone else. It was magic. Zach was the saving grace of this program.

He becomes friends with Alex, helps him through physical therapy, and helps him get ready for the finale dance. I like Zach, he can stay.


We all wanted more for Jessica. In the beginning she was very complacent, and acting normal. Cheerleading with her rapist’s girlfriend, talking about boys. Being civil with Bryce. While I’m screaming for her to hit everyone in the face. However, that is not how sexual assault survivors act. Jessica was pretty spot on. I mean, first of all, nobody believed her in the first place. So, what was she really going to do? She did what she should. She went to groups, she leaned on her parents, and she leaned on her friends who believed her.

She then linked up with some seemingly bitchy girl Nina. Like I said, she seemed like a bitch. Talking about how Jessica was so open, and living with her truth. Then, she like, never talks about her own shit and admits to keeping it a secret from other people. So, we’re all like…..then why don’t you leave Jessica alone you son of a bitch. Until, we finally learn that her photo is in the box of girls from the clubhouse. So, we can assume that her rapist/sexual assaulter was from school as well. Until the last episode, when Nina testified at Bryce’s trial, then we were sure.

Jessica finally realizes that she has to do something more. After seeing the polaroid of Nina and Chloë, she’s like yeah okay, lets rock this bitch. She finally files a report with the police (after a very touching scene of everyone hanging outside of Clay’s Prius telling her they love her).

She then ends up dating Alex (who I keep forgetting is not gay).

Until she has sexual relations with Justin Foley in the locker room.


Where did this man come from, for real. Why is he always wearing leather? How is he not always sweating? Why is his hair always perfectly coiffed? Whatever. Anyways, he is his usually mysterious, looming presence this season. Until like, episode 10, where we finally get like a small glimpse of his life. He owed Hannah a favor, which is why he received the tapes to distribute. She hid him from the police after he assaulted a homophobe lumberjack.

We also watch him and Hannah’s friendship a little more, which I enjoyed. They got their nails done, and talked about boys. We saw that Tony has an anger problem, and watched him lose his cool several times. Also he has a crush on his boxer teacher.

Honestly, he’s still a mystery to me. Maybe next season he will make more sense. Or maybe he will fizzle back to the 1950’s.


He’s like the only one who told the whole truth in the trial. Then subsequently went down a wormhole of punk rock, vandalism, and friends who dye their hair. This was an odd story line to me. He just up and got some goth friends and wanted to fight the system. They went to rock shows, and raised hell at school.

Also, being the token ‘Is he or isn’t he a school shooter’ character, he shot guns a whole lot this season. He shot bottles with his new goth brother of darkness Cyrus, he shot bottles with Clay one time, and then he shot a bird, obviously to show you that he might be a school shooter. That he might shoot humans too. But they want to keep you guessing, because nothing keeps people more intrigued that potential high school gun violence.

He posts incriminating pictures of himself and gets sent to some modern day rehab bootcamp for troubled kids. Comes back with a buzzcut where the school still tells him that they’re watching him.

Setting him up to maybe be a school shooter.

Then they have the lead singer of Greenday his friend Cyrus fully friend dump him.

Then they have the baseball team do some really messed up shit to him, for reasons I don’t understand. Other than to make him spiral into a school shooter.


There is not much to say here. Bryce continues to be the garbage character he was in the first season. They can’t offer Bryce much growth this season, because they still need him to suck. He does the rich, cool kid act where he manipulates people into keeping his secrets. He maintains his innocence, and thinks he did nothing wrong. Whatever, he sucks. He gets three months probation and is all smiles. Gets to go to a private school, play football, and give one last lecture on loyalty.

He then ditches Monty in the end telling him to quit saying he wants to bash Tyler’s head in, and to quit screwing his plea deal. Which was…..kind of smart. Not engaging in revenge for once. But still, screw him.

Justin Foley

Did I ever think that Justin Foley would be a saving grace character? No, never, yet here we are. They pick him up from the slums of Oakland, where he was homeless and addicted to heroin. Because I mean, its an epidemic. They had to fit it into the show somehow.

He shacked up with Clay in secret, while Tony and Sheri took care of him. Then Clay’s parents find out that Clay is harboring a fugitive, and treat him as a second son. Watching movies together, getting on the family cell phone plan, you know totally normal shit.

I’m not complaining though. Justin was a changed, and great character. He constantly told Bryce he was shitty, and he didn’t care anymore. I will tolerate little to no Justin hate.

First of all, he did whatever was asked of him. He saved Clay’s life. He testified for Jessica’s case even though he knew he would go to jail for it.

And he DID go to jail for it, and was still all polite to his mom Clay’s mom.

But actually, it could be his mom as well, since they offer to adopt him so he doesn’t have to go in foster care as a 17 year old.

But MAYBE NOT, since meth Seth is watching the wake through the window of his car he can’t afford. Pissed that Justin stole money from him twice.

But maybe not ever because this show makes him relapse back on heroin in some touching scene where he’s shooting heroin between his toes while looking at the child version of himself.

Smaller, yet still important characters.


Homegirl outted herself in court for Hannah. Which she was obviously not ready to do because she was still telling her dads that she had a boyfriend. She didn’t let that lawyer bitch talk all over her. She was straight up like no, it was actually the opposite. I had a crush and came on to Hannah and she wasn’t into it and she was STILL nice as hell. So fuck off, someone get me a flannel. Just kidding, she didn’t become the stereotype lesbian, she stayed exactly the same. Except she was friends with Tony’s ex-boyfriend now, who told her she wasn’t allowed to get a flannel, and skipped away like a supreme gay stereotype.


He could have done great things, but like he’s the class president, and his dad is running for some shit. So, he backed out and acted like a lil bitch the whole time. He, while unprovoked, told the court that Hannah had a crush on Bryce, JUST IN CASE Bryce got subpoenaed. It would make his lie more believable. He deserved that paint bomb.


she took care of Justin for Clay multiple times. She also detoxed Justin and got him clean. She also cracked the case on the clubhouse and willingly went in there to get the truth, knowing what goes on in there. She was a brave ass bitch who took no shit. I like Sheri. I want to see more of her in the inevitable 3rd season.


He took the biggest fall. He straight up told the court he could have done more to save Hannah’s life. He then spends the entire season trying to help the right kids while terrorizing the baseball team. He lost his job, and he didn’t care because he knew he told the truth. He wins with me too.


Terrorizes Jessica. Protects Bryce. Lies in court. Ends up pregnant with the anti-christ Bryce’s child.

Other shit

It was obvious that Hannah’s parents weren’t going to win that lawsuit, but they should have.

Hannah’s mom’s friend Jackie was weird. And then she ghosted. But, not after washing Hannah’s mom’s dress. Bitch

The broom rape scene was like, really unnecessary, and unrealistic. Why do they always have to reach at the end? I hate this show. They couldn’t just beat Tyler up? Nah they said…..”Lets make it wrong….but also offensive….and not cohesive”

I can’t believe Selena Gomez signs on with this shit.

Also, screw Nina for stealing the pictures.

Final Scene

My prediction has come to life. Tyler shows up to shoot up a school dance. Clay, very intelligently, alerts everyone to stay inside and NOT call the police when they receive the text message. Clay really sucks guys. He pulls some macho move, talking Tyler out of shooting up the school while also talking about how terrible he was whilst having a gun in his face. Smart. I really do hate this show guys.

Tony shows up in vintage stang and Tyler just gets in and they leave. Making Tony an accessory now. And Clay is clutching the gun. What lie are they going to come up with now?

All in all, it was exactly what I thought it would be. It was drama, angsty teens, and at least one over the top, unnecessary, violent scene.

There will unfortunately be a season 3, I am sure. So, I’ll be back for that. As much as I don’t want to watch this show, because it is the perfect example of why we can’t have nice things, I will watch it because I hate being left out of the loop.


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