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Uninspired, Unhappy, and A Hot Ass Mess

As Siteground drafted my $200 dollar renewal fee out of my account, I figured I’d better start writing some shit because I for sure don’t have $200 to be throwing around. In the wise words of my cousin, thats 200 McChickens. Maybe, they’re probably more expensive now, but thats how he used to measure how expensive things were.

I’ve wanted to write for a while, but I really didn’t have anything to write about. I have some recipes, ideas, advice, and thoughts but none are fully formed yet and need more time to pull together.

And then I was like, who am I to even write any type of advice or recommendations?

I’m as fat as I’ve ever been, I don’t have a relationship or a family, I hardly have a social life, I’m constantly having panic attacks, I could go on and on. But you know what? I’m working on me and thats good enough. I’m not writing for moms, or married couples, or people who have their shit together. I mean, please stick around and I love you, but my people are the messy people. The people who need to know someone else is panicking in the clearance section of the grocery store, the people who need to know how long its okay to go without washing your visibly greasy hair, and to know the best recipes for drinks with your friends.

Sometimes you’re not uninspired, or unhappy

Sometimes you’re trying to get away from who you are. It is important to step back and reflect on yourself. There are so many things out there that we just cannot control, it’s important to control what we can. You may see people out there doing this and that, and how happy they are, but do you really want to be doing what they’re doing? Usually not. You know what they say, don’t compare your chapter 3 to someone’s chapter 20 or whatever.

So what did I do?

I have been writing this post for three days. Wallowing to myself about how unhappy, uninspired, and just in a funk I was. So I started something called the morning pages, which I learned from The Skinny Confidential. When you wake up, you just write three pages nonstop of all the shit thats in your head. You’d be amazed at how many questions you accidentally answer in that time frame. Plus it starts your day off fresh with all that crazy shit officially out of your head. Plus you cam formulate ideas for creativity and plan what you need to do all within those pages. It’s really been great.

Then, I decided I needed to do something for me. I love love baking. So today, I spent all day baking. For real all day, like four hours. Did we need all those baked goods? No, but baking really makes me happy. Doing something you’re good at and love can really center your confidence and your happiness back in your life. I thought of like four good ideas today. Which more than I can I say for the past couple weeks.

I have no idea what the point of this was.

Maybe just to get my thoughts out, maybe to let you guys know why I’ve been sucking lately. Sometimes you just need to get your thoughts out, and do something you love. Control what you can, and just forget about the rest. If you’re in a funk or uninspired, you’re not alone. Try writing all the shit in your head out, and do something you love, or email me and we can complain to each other.

And always, drink some champagne (or your favorite wine) ((or vodka/water/mio if you’re on a diet)). Cheers!

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