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Mexico, traveling to Riviera Maya.

Let me just say…..I want to be a travel blogger now. I loved Mexico, it was so gorgeous. I have spoken before about travel anxiety, and just having anxiety while traveling. It did not go away this time. My stomach was trying to murder itself at the airport while my brain was trying to tell me all the ways I was going to die. So basically, an average Tuesday for me. 

Breakfast at JoJos.

I had general anxiety about leaving home, and leaving my cat. I had general anxiety about flying and traveling. I also had general anxiety about leaving the country, especially Mexico. All you hear is bad shit about Mexico, and I don’t even believe half of that stuff and I was still scared. Mexico had become synonymous with the word “kidnapped” in my mind. I fully expected to step one big toe off the plane and be immediately kidnapped, thanks MEDIA. 

However, guess what? I was wrong. I stepped off the plane into a freaking paradise. How I felt getting off that plane from Ohio to Mexico is probably how every degenerate felt in 2009 when Avatar came out and they did various drugs and watched it. I wanted to cry at the beauty. The colors, the weather, the atmosphere, it was all too much. I went from oh my god I might get kidnapped to, this place is great and I may never leave, champagne in hand of course. 

Living my best life

We stayed at the El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya. Which was so graciously paid for by my cousins in exchange that we take great pictures at her Mexico. beach. wedding…! It was a full on no brainer. Free vacation, family time, and we get the honor of taking her wedding photos. P.S Everyone please have a destination wedding, it’s what your guests truly want. 

This resort was AMAZING. Full disclosure, I had never been to a resort before so it may have been your average resort, BUT I DOUBT IT. Did you know you eat and drink for free at resorts? Like, no joke. I had a champagne in my hand at every given minutes. 24/7 room service? Also free. THANK YOU ELYSSA AND TRENTON. 

There were several gourmet restaurants in the resort that were also included. we ate a very nice Italian restaurant for dinner one day, and we ate lunch and breakfast right next to the ocean at JoJo’s frequently, which was open and outside. Which conveniently had a really really nice bar with swings right next to it that is perfectly located to grab a drink on your way to the beach.

Wanted to steal the cart….

Now, I am going to show you what you really wanna see. The photos of this gorgeous place. 

I want you to know I spent a lot of time writing captions and titles for those photos and none of them showed up, so WHATEVER. You’ll get it. I may have gotten some mosquito bites in October but it was so so so worth it. I highly recommend this resort if you are traveling to Mexico any time soon. It was completely and totally safe, I felt safer there than I do at home sometimes honestly. You cannot go wrong here, they go above and beyond.

P.S I obviously never stepped foot off the resort, Im not that relaxed and chill yet. My anxiety said NOPE.

Cheers guys! Tell me all your favorite places to travel, cause I’ve got the travel bug!! Also I hope you like those pictures, because they’re going to be on my instagram for the next 6-8 months. 

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