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The Smart Set Effect – Big Life Update

So, I love Meghan Markle. This is no secret to anyone here. I can’t get into why or how because this will become a dissertation on the Markle Sparkle. ANYWAY, she recently paired with a charity called Smart Works which gives free clothes to women in need to get job interviews and to look professional through their first paycheck. I know, that shits amazing. Enter, The Smart Set.

The Smart Set in British Vogue, September 2019 edited by HRH Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex

The Smart Set

Much like Platos bitch-ass Closet, the clothing people are willing to give away are dull and about 17 seasons too late. Meghan saw this and was like, listen, as an USA today actress turned full on Duchess (not like Fergie) I know that blazer has 14 shoulder pads and those pants flare like the dickens, something must be done. So, like the goddess she is, she paired with designers to create 5 gorgeous pieces and for every piece purchased, the exact same piece is donated to Smart Works so these women can roll up to job interviews in clothes that aren’t flaming purple or have a crooked hem.

But that’s not exactly what this is about

I left my job in January, because…well, it was not the best for me. I didn’t want to rush into another job that wasn’t for me, so I’ve been applying and waiting. For real waiting. Eight months of no interviews and feeling like shit. Despite that, my nine cavities, and dwindling bank account, I bought the dress from the Smart Set. First of all, it’s for charity, so capital one can suck it. Second of all, I need a job? How great would it be to wear this Smart Set dress into an interview and nail it, knowing that my dress got me and someone else a job?

Well that’s exactly what happened

A week after I bought my fantastic Mark and Spencer Smart Set no iron dress, I got a call for an interview (AFTER I manifested it in my morning pages, no joke). Not just an interview, my actual dream company called me. So that morning I put on my Smart Set dress, that was 1.2 sizes too small, and waddled myself into that group interview setting nervous as hell, but lookin fly. I got offered a position at the end of the interview. It was some true J-Lo in all 47 rags-to-riches movies she’s been in type shit. Thats right, I HAVE A JOB. A DREAM JOB. THATS PAYING ME REAL REAL WELL. I did it. Thank you all for being with me those messy nine months when I was rationing out toothpicks and charging my friends for breathing my air.

So I’ll look at that dress for a while in my closet

Maybe I’ll even wear it a few more times. But then maybe it will be time for it to go to someone else. While promoting the Smart Set, Meghan emphasized that most people donate things they’d never wear again, which is great, but what if it was better? What if you donated that one piece that got you your dream job? That one dress you wore when you met your husband? That blazer that got you the promotion? Sure, they are treasured pieces, but they served their purpose, and what if that could help someone get the same opportunity?

So get out there, get that outfit, get that job, and then consider helping someone else.

OH, also, spend five days celebrating! Cheers! Can’t wait to start at the Library in November!

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