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Reverse Bucket List – What have you done and what do you want to do.

Reverse Bucket List

New Years resolutions are so dumb. I can’t ever think of something I want to do. I want abs and not be out of breath when I walk up the stairs, but I’m not prepared to take the necessary steps to get there. So no, I don’t want to make my resolution to go to the gym more and no I most certainly do not want to go to the gym with you. I don’t want to have some generic resolutions that I don’t really want to do in the first place, like go to the gym and eat better and drink less and meditate. I WANT TO DO COOL SHIT. But like, what kind of cool shit…? When presented with open ended personal questions I freak out.

“If you could live anywhere in the world where would you want to live?”

ummmm… I dont know, Columbus is pretty cool? Maybe Ann Arbor?

Really? of ALLLLL the places in the world? My mind cant handle picking things. Not even things that I KNOW I WANT. So when presented with the question of what do I want to do more of, I think it will be easiest to work backwards.

drum roll pleeeease……..REVERSE BUCKET LIST!

Instead of listing things you think you want to do, and compile a 4 page list of things that are achievable in the span on three days, think of all the amazing things you have already done. When you’re done, I’m sure a few things will jump out at you like “wow I cannot believe I still haven’t done this or that”

Here is my short reverse bucket list:

1. Graduated from college with my bachelors degree.

I went right from high school, and spent four years getting my bachelors degree in Law and Social Thought. I got to graduate with my best friend too! I know people say degrees are useless now and everyone has one and that somehow makes it less cool. Well guess what? That sure as shit didnt stop me from getting one of those sack purses in the 7th grade that was covered in giant sequins that everyone else had. #StillCool

2. Got accepted to go back to school

Because one round of permanent-never leaves you-even if you die debt wasn’t enough. I was scarred for life from that Vitamin C song where it sings about how you’ll never see your friends ever again in your life, so I just cant ever quit going to school. I get my masters degree in May yo!

3. I got to go to Vegas (TWICE!!) and watch my best friend receive her masters degree.

I love Vegas. There are no rules, which is great because I have an irrational fear that I’m breaking the law at every given moment. I got to go watch my favorite boxer fight in a title fight when I went with my parents the first time. We got a fancy spa room at the MGM and went to shows and hung out. So I had to take my best friend, so this past May we left for Vegas 3 hours after she graduated. We watched my favorite boxer again, I had to pay and drag here there, but hey, I’m not missing it. We walked around and got insanely large beverages that for some reason always came with free jell-o shots. We ordered a soup and salad from room service that cost $50. I met my favorite UFC fighter. Vegas truly does not disappoint, unless you’re Jordan and have to throw up at the Billy Idol restaurant brunch. (that brunch still didnt beat this one)

4. Watch my best friend get married.

Nothing funny here, I got to watch my best friend Sami marry her for real full on soul-mate. I got to stand next to her for the most beautiful ceremony, and the most insane reception. The dance floor was a sea of red wine and glass.

5. I got to watch Leonardo DiCaprio win his Oscar.

This was a long time in the making if you dont thing its monumental enough to be on this list then you need to look at his body of work and tell me he didn’t deserve it years ago. THE SNUBS PEOPLE…..THE SNUBS.

6. Threw an awesome birthday party.

I rented a barn and threw a full on adult prom for my 23rd birthday. All my friends got prom dresses and Sami gave us all up-dos. Also there was alcohol, which makes prom a whole lot cooler honestly. There were tears, and pizza, and tiaras, and a mystery punch. Best party ever.

7. Pottercon

Exactly what it sounds like. A Harry Potter convention. An old decrepit building, on the most hot and humid day of the year, just full of nerds. So many great costumes….and Harry Potter themed beverages. 10/10 would do again.

Those are just a few of the cool things I have gotten to do the past few years. It really does help me to put the things I havent done into perspective and helps me see what all I want to do!

I’ve included a free printable so that you can create your own reverse bucket list, with style. Like how Tyra said “Hoe…but make it fashion”, be practical….but make it cute.

get the free printable sheet here!!

Now show me all the cool shit you’ve done and get started on those resolutions!


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