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Quick Room Makeover

There are few things I love more than redoing my room (makeover !!!). I am always changing something, it makes me feel like I control over my life. Yeah, you wanna schedule all my papers to be due on the same day? WELL I just rearranged my toners and moisturizers, so…? I also get sick of things, like real fast. It’s why I dye my hair 10 times in a calendar year. Sometimes you just need something NEW

Well, luckily for me I have like zero dollars in my bank. I had to transfer money out of my savings so I could tip my waiter today, for real. *insert Kristen wiig, help me I’m poor*. So I can’t exactly Chip and Jo (Fixer upper) the shit out of my room right now because I dont have a budget of ten thousand dollars and I’m not allowed to blow out any walls for entertaining. WOMP WOMP.

But I did get emailed a Kohls 40% off coupon so I went to TOWN. (P.S. I have no idea how I got this coupon, I don’t even have a kohls card)

The EASIEST way to make your room feel like a whole new area is to swap out your duvet cover. I love have a duvet because they’re so easily changeable and don’t cost nearly as much as a whole new comforter (you can also stuff your existing comforter inside a duvet cover, size permitting, as long as its a heavier material)

After you choose your new duvet cover, you just to throw in a few accent pieces to tie it all together (and because who doesn’t love new stuff??)

Add some accent lighting, clean up the area a little bit and you are donezo (much like Kristen Cavallari’s suzuki in Laguna Beach, spoiler alert- she was just out of oil).

There you have it, in about an hour I had a whole new room and I felt much better about my life for about 47 seconds before I lost my cool again.

Yes, that is a giant poster of JFK smoking above my bed, it is my prized possession. Also pictured, my useless bachelors degree. ALSO how bitchin’ is that marble contact paper? It is SO durable and it really does look amazing. OH and its ten dollars.

also if you’re wondering if I hung up a command strip on my headboard to hang up my sleep mask, you’re right. #bougie

Some of these are not exact, because some of my items no longer exist. Apparently JLo is done making faux fur throws? whatevs, here are some comparable options



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