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Official 2020 Oscars Bingo and Ballots!

*Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle voice* Its the best day of the year! No, not treat yo self day. It’s Oscars day. Well, not YET, but I’m here to get you ready for a full day party.

I take this day very serious. I call off from all obligations, even though the Oscars are at like 7:30pm. Something going on at 3? No, I cant make it the Oscars are on. We have food, booze, prizes, and games.

2020 oscar bingo sheets

So, to make it easier for you, I’ve premade bingo sheets and ballots this year again! I’ll put them at the bottom for your taking!

The food!

Now last year, we did a make your pizza bar. Actually, we do that almost every year. Its minimal work and everyone can get exactly what they want. This year, however, we’re doing a make your own pasta bar. Which sounds complicated but its really not. Make one pot of angel hair pasta, with however many noodles you think you need, and then cut that in half because you don’t need that many. Just kidding, make ALL the noodles, it never seems like enough.

This is where the customization comes in. Make around 3 different sauces (or buy, I don’t judge). Personally, I am going to make a marinara, an alfredo, and a spicy marinara. Then I am going to do a garlic butter parmesan option with some lemon, because its the best flavor combination ever and requires almost no work. If you’re feeling extra crazy, grill and fry some chicken for protein options. Viola, make your own pasta bowl station. Easy, and since everything is separated you can freeze all the extra sauce.

Also, as usual I’ll pop fresh popcorn and offer different toppings for those! Just buy a bag of kernels, heat up a pan with butter, put in the kernels, put a lid on and keep it moving and watch them pop. Then leave out some garlic salt, chili powder, cumin, ranch seasoning, parmesan, the possibilities are endless. Also, this is very cheap, and people love snacks.

The drinks!

Beverages are non negotiable. Champagne, champagne, champagne. Chill a few bottles, have a few fruit juices or blended fruits, and make some mimosas/bellinis. My parties revolve around everyone being able to make exactly what they want. Want alfredo, spicy popcorn, and then champagne with blended strawberries? Not a problem. My moms parties revolve around cooking as many pounds of meat as possible and giving everyone the meat sweats. We are not the same.

A fun addition? The chambong!! Get yours here

On to the games! Aka the free shit. I take this so serious. All ballots MUST be completed before the show starts, no exceptions. I have a blockade around me like elementary school kids when they put up their folders to make an anti-cheating fortress. Nothing casual about it.

After a couple years of non-stop competition, I figured a fun game would be a nice addition. That is where the bingo sheets were invented. It’s a low stakes game of chance, that makes everyone pay close attention to the show. It’s a win/win. Except last year I lost. Here are the different bingo sheets. I made 10 variations this year to cut down on people having the same bingo sheet.

The 2020 Oscars Ballot!

2020 oscar ballot

202 Oscars bingo!

2020 Oscar Bingo Sheet

For prizes last year I did small bottles of cheap wine, $3 reusable starbucks cups, and then some small makeup and nail polish. I also got a good wine for whoever won the ballot, and the shittiest wine I could find for whoever got the most wrong. Prizes all around.

Alright, now text your friends and get to planning!!

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