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My hair journey…colorful edition

If you know me you know that my hair is rarely one color for very long. Which prompts the question “How do you still have hair?” Honestly, I can’t answer that. I acknowledge that I am #blessed to have hair still, and I appreciate whatever higher power is allowing me to keep it. #BlessUp

So, I thought I would share with you some of my faaavorite looks over the years, and give you some insight on what I had to do to get there. Please, let it inspire you to go do something wild so I can live through youuuu with my boring blonde hair.


I am a licensed professional. Please, do not try to do these yourselves, it will not work out. How do I know that you ask? Because half of these did not turn out great right away and I actually have the base knowledge. Also as a further disclaimer, some of these were done in one step. HOWEVER, they totally shouldn’t have been (I’m just really impatient). If your stylist tells you the transformation is going to take multiple sessions…TRUST THEM.

Also. None of these alone damaged my hair, but the process I take should have made me bald. I go from red, to blonde, to brown, to pink, to blonde, to orange, etc…..I make terrible hair decisions.

PinkOrange hair

This is one of my most favorite hair colors that I have ever done. Ever. It was entirely inspired by this amazingly gorgeous wild child I read on the internet. If you want colors this vibrant, you have to bleach your hair. Anyone who tells you differently is LYING (unless you already have fairly light hair). This was achieved with Pulp Riots Cupid & Blush and Paul Mitchell’s Pop XG Peachy Keen. Those are all direct dyes, so they won’t damage your hair after the bleaching. In case you’re calling your hairdresser at this very moment to get this hair, because thats what I’m about to do again….

The faded PinkOrange hair

This is what that color looks like a little faded. Honestly I love this too. It fades very nicely and evenly.

SmokeyPink Hair

Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of this color, squad up. We used the rest of the Pulp Riot Blush and we added a smokey grey root. It was nice to be all one color and have a nice dark and prominent root. I loved it.

Smokey Hair

This is prob one of my least favorite colors. Not because I didn’t love having grey hair, but grey hair hadnt really caaame out yet. So, I was really struggling with finding a really good grey. Had I waited just 5 more months Guy Tang and everyone else on planet Earth were coming out with smokey grey hair dye lines. Also I had to bleach the hell out of my hair to do this so I was extra frustrated when I didnt look like the goddess of semi polluted camp fire smoke. This was done with Joico Titanium but like I’ve said, much better grey lines have come out now. I would go with Kenra and Guy Tang’s silver collaboration in today’s day and age.

Orange hair

This is my go to color. If I’m not blonde, you can bet the farm that I’m some variation of orange/red. Red hair runs in my family except nobody inherited it, so I just act like I did. Most of this is permanent except the fire red. My go to formula is a Paul Mitchell 7OR (orange red). The red gives it some depth and a little darkness. Or I love a good plain Orange or a plain Copper base. The more vibrant oranges were permanent orange dye, with a direct dye over it (like the pulp riot brand I talked about above).

Red hair

This is my favorite hair that I hate doing. I love having it, but removing a deep red like that is a son of a bitch. Red never ever ever ever wants to leave you. I can show you exactly in my hair where the new hair has grown and where the red used to be, even though I’m all blonde now. These are also permanent colors with direct dyes over them. Oranges and reds are best to do permanent and put a direct dye over it because they fade so fast its a lot less damaging to throw a direct dye over it when it starts to fade.  These are usually like a 6R, 6RR, 6RB something like that. I also really like Rusk’s Merlot direct dye. Its a perfect deep red. I used to have really really red hair sometimes, no deepness, no orange just straight up Chelsea Houska red. I have no idea where those photos are. But just know….its been done.

Honorable Mentions

I had a perfect orange/purple combination for a hot second that I will never in my living, breathing life be able to recreate. I also recreated Hayley William’s hair from the perfect “I’m still into you” music video (also I hate bangs). And then I just need to show you what your hair will probably look like if you attempt any of these, THE MIDDLE is the chaos between processes. It’s terrible and ugly so be prepared.


This post is dedicated to Sami, my hairdresser and best friend. She books all my appointments for me and just goes along with whatever crazy idea I bring her and she turns it OUT and brings it to life. Even if she tells me my hair might fall out. And then reminds me that she said that so that I KNOW its my fault when it happens. (still hasn’t happened yet). And also lets me not get a trim even though I need it.

A few tips from my experiences :
  • Going from red to blonde is a process. It will take time and money GALORE. So…commit.
  • Direct dyes are the way to go for a dramatic change. They just leave a stain and will wash out (mostly) in weeks (except darker direct dyes), allowing you to fix/change the color with little damage.
  • OLAPLEX. God invented Olaplex on the 8th day, and somehow we just found it. It works with hair dye to repair the bonds that the chemicals are breaking. Never ever bleach your hair without it. It costs extra but it is WELL worth it if you like not being bald (I use olaplex all the time, even with just regular hair dye. I buy it in bulk at the hair supply store.) Matrix has also come out with their own version of Olaplex that is a lot cheaper.

So go call you hairdresser! However, if you are local, and want really fun and cool hair, call my girl Sami at CCBella. She loves wild hair and she’s really good at it. And I’m not just saying that because we went to hair school together and are best friends, I refer everyone to sami that is within breathing distance of my hair.

Also, like, one more time….Please do not do this yourself. Go to the salon, get the GOOD hair dye, don’t make your hair fall out. I’m just trying to help here..

What is your favorite? Would you ever try any of these? Have you had some of these?? SHOW ME!

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