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Mothers Day Gift Guide

You know what you should stop doing on Mothers Day? Flowers. First of all, any decent looking bouquet is expensive, even at Kroger. Second of all, as quickly as you get them, they’re gone. Get something long lasting she’ll be able to enjoy. *This does not apply to flowers that you buy for like a garden and stuff.

I mean this is the woman who had to endure years of shitty TV and music so you would quit crying. She still probably endures some annoying shit in your adult life, like complaining about online dating or trying to tell you how to file your taxes so you don’t get arrested.

Face masks in Mexico

So, I have tried to compile a little better list of gifts for Mothers Day. Some stuff a little different, practical, and something she might actually want. I mean, you do have a lot of macaroni necklaces to make up for.

Mothers Day 2019 gift guide (Amazon Prime!!)

Lets take a look at these options (prices accurate at the time of posting)

  1. Vitamix Explorian Blender – Amazon, $270. Okay, I know, thats an insane price for a blender. However, this blender is the tits. It will literally grind up anything, and it will last forever. If you want a little cheaper brand, Ninja is a good one! A blender is a great gift for any mom. She can make margaritas for her and her friends, she can make jams, salsa, soups, so much stuff. Blenders aren’t just for the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville moms anymore people!
  2. Corkcicle Cooler – Virginia Tote – Amazon, $130. First of all, I want this. Its basically a super cute cooler. I would totally use this to bring perfectly chilled cans of wine into places that are unacceptable to bring coolers too, like volleyball and other public places that charge $7 for Barefoot Moscato. But your mom will love taking it to the lake, the pool, or just to hang out with her friends. She will laugh at her friends hard plastic coolers. She’s queen B now.
  3. Gold Bar Cart – Amazon, $79. Okay I think these are the most chic furniture item ever. Throw it back to good old days and just put all your alcohol out for all your guests to see. No but honestly, it’s a really great display piece if she has some good stemware and coffee table books. It really classes up the joint. Plus, the alcohol is easier to get to.
  4. Yeti Coffee Mug – Amazon, $25. I have this mug, I use it every single day. I love drinking out of coffee mugs, but it cools down way too fast and when I go to drink it it’s cold. This still gives the feel of a classic coffee mug, but stays hot for like 5 hours. I love it. Plus, it’s reusable, so take it to starbucks and stuff. Save the planet.
  5. Amazon Echo – Amazon, $99. Okay, whoever doesn’t have a system like this by now probably doesn’t want one, but I included it anyway. This speaker is really amazing, its so loud and clear. Also, obviously, Alexa has so many features. I love ours.
  6. Salon Gift Card – The only okay generic gift. It doesn’t have to be some big pre-paid spa day. Just get her a gift card to a local salon, preferably one that offers a lot of services, and let her go whenever she wants. Or if surprises are her thing, plan a day for her! Otherwise I am sure she will be happy knowing she has a gift card and go get something done whenever she wants!

Obviously these are all just suggestions, you could get any blender or any cooler, etc. I hope this gave you some inspiration, also…..might I repeat, they are all Prime eligible!!! If like me, you wait until the last minute, these are still great options for you! Now get out there and get your mother a great gift she can show off while her friends text her pictures of flowers and scarves.


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