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What it’s like to attend The Oscars red carpet

In a very weird, and highly unusual turn of events, I won a contest. I win very few things, like VERY FEW. This wasn’t any ‘enter for your chance to win 50 cents off your order of 50 dollars or more’ either. I won a spot to watch The Oscars red carpet live and in action. In case you missed it, I take award season VERY seriously. So this is like if Snooki from Jersey Shore won a trip to a functioning pickle and vodka factory. A match made in heaven.

SO, how the fresh hell did this happen?

Its a funny story. I was on the academy website to see if they had any jobs available, because every business needs assistants and stuff right? How awesome would it be to work for The Oscars?? Well too bad, no jobs. But I did stumble upon a page to enter a contest sponsored by The Academy Museum to send you and a guest to sit and watch the red carpet, so whatever. I’ll enter any contest. Flash forward to literally MONTHS later. 

I get an email, I look at it, super spam. Why do I use the superior gmail if it cant even block spam? and something that I’m so passionate about. TEASE. However, we started watching Reno 911 in the middle of the movie and I had never seen it before and I was lost, so whatever, I’ll READ IT.

So yeah, totally not spam. A completely time sensitive email telling me I needed to supply a guests name and submit my background check so that I would be ready to go in March to get into the The Oscars red carpet. I stopped breathing, I whipped out my damn Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass and I was reading all the fine print like my entire existence depended on it.

Totally Freaking LEGIT.

Whatever, I sent it in. I had Taryn send it in, and we waited. Like a week or two later we got our packets. Packets full of information, and the literally hundreds of rules, and what to expect. It was absolutely crazy, if something is too good to be true it usually is. So I was waiting for a windowless bus to come to my house and pick me up and drop me off to dig holes with Shia Labeouf. But NOPE. I got my packet, and I got my access to the private facebook group full of the other people who won (around 700 people get to go, so if you factor in guests around 350 people actually won). In there they answer questions, give info, and you can talk to the other people whom ALSO think this is an elaborate scam. There are people who have been entering these contests for over five years, and there are people who have won multiple times. It’s crazy.

The big day

Alright, once you get to LA (some people win airfare and hotel, some dont. It depends on the contest. The academy does not offer it, but People magazines contest does because they are the sponsors) you wait around until Sunday.

side bar, I highly suggest staying in Burbank. Way less busy, close proximity to everything, and it is home of Warner Brother Studios (which is a BANGING tour to go on)

You get a second email about one week before the big day, which tells you your arrival time. The Oscars red carpet doesnt start until like 3, but for the sake of TV the bleachers HAVE to be full ALL DAY. So, your arrival time will vary between 8-10, with nobody being admitted after 10am. We arrived at 9, ready for the longest day ever.

You arrive, go through security, get your fancy ass credentials badge (like a professional) and head into the bleacher area. You immediately get to pick up your swag bag and t-shirt. The t-shirts are super super nice, not no cheap Gilden cricut made t-shirts that when you wash them you get shorter, but also wider. In the (very nice Oscars labeled) bag we get seat cushions, a couple People Magazines, a water bottle, and tons of snacks. I didn’t get a picture, but I’m hoping someone else did and will let me use it.

You also get fed, all day, for free. Starbucks and Cinnabon in the morning. Wraps with chips, an apple, and a cookie for lunch. (and if you choose to go to the viewing party across the street at the El Capitan theater, you get a buffet dinner). There are also coolers full of water, pop, and teas everywhere.

To keep us all occupied until we HAVE to be in our seats, they have a ton of cool stuff going on behind the scenes. For our day there were hair and makeup stations (incase you just really cant function and be Oscar ready by 8am), nail stations, photobooth, and even astrology readings. Those all seemed really cool but the lines were long so we opted out. We lazy okay?


We wouldn’t have really had time to do all that though, because the red carpet opens at 1pm and you have to be in your seats at that time even though most coverage doesn’t start until 3pm. You can still go to the bathroom and stuff, but the bleachers need to be full just in case you’re in the background of a telecast going on.

So we sat, and we sat, and we sat. Waiting for celebs to grace us with their presence. Some celebs actually did come before the 3pm media circus, like Tom Holland and Kelly Marie Tran. Also you’ll get to see all the big reporters and stuff during the early hours. However, time really does fly and next thing you know it is one A-list celeb after another until it is time to leave.

Don’t be shy. The stars are so excited to see us all waiting for them, they are so gracious. Nicole Kidman even hopped the ropes and came to shake hands.

For those who don’t know, like I didn’t before this. The red carpet is split into sections. There are ropes separating the media from a fast walking lane.  So most of the big celebs will be on the far side of the ropes so that they can do media, and more of the smaller names will use the lane closest to the bleachers to get into the theater. However some very big names use the middle faster lane to skip media all together.

There is a lot of screaming done by us bleacher people, so don’t be scared to scream at your favorite celebs to get their attention, because they will definitely look at you.

Meryl, in the middle lane. She interacted with us A LOT.

JLaw, skipping media (notice the ropes). Gave a lot of waves and fist pumps. Mostly because we sounded like a damn jumbo jet from our screams


After the madness over, and you wait for literally the last celebrity to walk past (remember, gotta be full for TV), you get to walk across the street and watch the show in a beautiful theater. We opted out of this just because it was such a long day and we wanted to be able to scream profanities when our picks did not win. So you can get a buffet dinner at a theater, or you can watch it at your hotel and Postmates anything you want. Both are fabulous options.

All in all, it was an AMAZING experience and if you like The Oscars at all, I would encourage you to enter alllll of these contests.

proof my feet were on the red carpet.

Let me know if you would want to go and what you would be most excited for! Or if you stumble upon this later and have won, feel free to ask me any questions!

Also, go on the Warner Brothers Studio tour! You get to hold a real Oscar!

The rest of photos will be posted on my facebook page 😉

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