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I’m here to drink beer and complain, and I’m all out of beer

Except I make sure I’m never out of beer. So I will be doing both.

Welcome back, to the website where I won’t be trying hard and I don’t care. I pay 200 bucks a year for this, I can use it however I want. So let’s jump right into it.

2020 was a heaping pile of dogshit. For everyone, but specifically me.

My grandma died. I deserved more time, I didn’t get to say goodbye, it is what it is. I can’t change it. Sometimes it fills me with rage at random times, other times it makes me irrationally sad, most of the time I’m trying to supress all of the above.

Second of all, I have not talked to my dad since before Thanksgiving. It’s ridiculous. It’s stupid. We already suffered a family tragedy, I really am not sure why we received a second tragedy in the same calendar year. I have problems with it.

But you wanna really know what the hell is up? I still see people not wanting to wear masks, not wearing masks on purpose, saying Joe fucking airhead Biden is the end of the world, calling Covid the flu. And you know what? For a fleeting moment, when I read your facebook posts, I hate you. Its harsh but honest. We are broke from losing basically all our income, a multi-month ICU stay bill looming in the future, we are lonely, we are DEPRESSED. We are living a nightmare, and you are inconvenienced by it.

We can have differing opinions and remain friends. About shit like stocks and tv shows. You can’t look me in my grieving, depressed face, and tell me what I’m indirectly experiencing is not real, or is not that bad. Covid isn’t that bad? My 44 year old dad not being able to breathe on his own feels pretty fucking bad. Masks are a form of oppression? Someone not wearing a mask made the difference of spending Thanksgiving alone, waking up on Christmas with no gifts or urgency with the day because we were alone, as opposed to spending quality time with my family in the first Holidays without my grandma. They’re uncomfortable and you can’t breathe? I wear one eight hours a day, to save your family’s life. Nurses wear one for whole ass days, with multiple other face/mouth barriers. Grow the hell up.

The vaccine has microchips to track us? You carry a god damn cell phone that generates ads about things you say out loud. You’re already there buddy.

You are sad you can’t travel? Or even worse, you are still traveling via airplane all over the place? I am silently judging you all the entire time. I am not sorry about it.

2020 had me fed all the way up. I am choosing to take that attitude in 2021. So unless this is how you get to look at your immediate family members (through a WINDOW), unless this is how you spent Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc., Unless you have felt the magnitude of this disease, nobody cares about your insulting views about.

Don’t wish my family well, and then post Covid conspiracy theories and go to Walmart without a mask. You are part of the problem. I’m tired of pretending this is just some crazy horrible thing that happened. There are reasons things are this bad, there are reasons why my family has suffered what we have, and it is fixable.

If you want you can still financially help us out here: GoFundMe

okay great thanks love ya bye.

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