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Fixer Upper – One Room, $100 Edition

I love HGTV. I love almost all of it. With the exception of the Property Brothers, because every episode they’re like hey what’s your budget? The lovely people are like oh 700,000 (also, like…WHAT). The twins are like oh perfect here’s this house with all your boxes checked, its 2.5 million dollars. Which I get is part of their whole schtick to show they can do it cheaper. However, I’d start crying if you showed me a house 2 million dollars over budget. Not even Say Yes To The Dress would do that.

ANYWAY, I’ve wanted to flip houses for years and years and years. However, I don’t have the available cash to start doing it and my dad won’t fund me because one time I took a shelf out of a closet and complained literally the entire four minutes it took to do it.

So, I had another idea, my own mini fixer upper

How about I ‘fixer upper’ the spare bedroom with only what we already have? I mean really the room was disgusting and it could’ve just used a good cleaning, but I have to take everything the extra mile. Plus we had all this free time we had to spend at home, might as well accomplish one thing so I can sit around and do nothing and feel good about it. Here we go!

Remember these disgusting photos

The furniture

We have mismatched furniture, who cares. It didn’t really bother me. However, given the opportunity, I decided to paint it. We had to move everything out anyway, and I could paint it white to open the space up a little bit.

I used Rustoleum’s Chalked Ultra Matte Paint in White Linen for the furniture. I did not prime it, I wanted it to have a rustic messy sort of feel. Mostly because no matter how I did it, it was going to be messy. Might as well pretend I wanted it that way, plus everything on fixer upper is fake vintage. I got 2 pints for $19.99 each at our local hardware store. I painted our large TV stand (ikea) and a small bookshelf (probably out of someone’s trash) and used half of ONE pint. Even with two coats, it went very far. I didn’t do any type of top coat either. *Also* this is not chalkboard paint, the paint is just so matte that it appears like chalk.

The dark brown TV stand
The medium brown bookshelf

Other furniture changes were getting rid of bulky and unnecessary pieces. We moved a very large coffee table out, got rid of an end table, and then moved our elliptical back to the garage for the summer. We had so much stuff taking up useable space, I really wanted to get some space back. The room was very suffocating, like every piece of furniture in there was touching.

The paint

I fully believe there is something wrong with my eyes. People tell me the room was grey before, I swear to you that room is blue. A blue-grey, but still blue. Paired with those hideous red crop top curtains? It was enough to scrap everything and start over. It all had to go. So I was like hell yeah lets paint, I picked the color Quartz White (2 gallons for a little over $50). It was a nice white with a super light dusty rose color. I thought it would compliment the blue couch we already had, and the white furniture. Well I started in a super shaded area of the room and as soon as my paint roller touched the wall, it was pink as shit. Like nursery pink, so then I panicked because I told my mom 400 times in the store it was NOT PINK, it’s a dusty vintage blush color, it’s NEUTRAL. Also, it turns out, I hate painting. Like I hate it, I have so much respect for the profession. I’m never doing it again. Also, it ended up not being flaming ass pink when it dried and was in the sunlight. Thank god.

The final moment, I could barely grip my phone my hands hurt so bad. Ft my mom and cat

The layout

This was pretty subtle, almost everything stayed where it was. However with the big pieces gone we had room to sort of center everything and use the space on both sides of the room now. We shifted the couch which allowed us to move the bookshelf away from the TV stand and the desk shifted over so it wasn’t touching anything else. Even if the room is small, you can maximize the space, how you choose to set up your furniture is everything.

Odds and ends

Curtains. Those curtains that should have never existed, but the devil invented them and placed in my home anyway. They got the boot, and I found some great curtains at Kohls (vintage blue color) for $11 each window. 40% off Kohls coupons are my religion. It helped tie in the couch, and just add some length and dimension to the walls. Also, I did not buy any extra decor. I just strategically placed what I already had. The TV stand was previously full of old Jodeci CD’s and a 7 inch Nick Jonas button. I moved a lot of stuff to the basement to store, and used books and decor I already had to add some life into the room. I organized the books by color, placed a couple sets of book into the TV stand, grabbed my favorite wine bottles, and voila. Decorating sucks, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

The big reveal, my fixer upper moment

*please don’t judge the one curtain, I accidentally did NOT order 2 packs because I am a moron and thought each pack came with 2 panels.

And that was that. 2 weeks, around $100, and five bags of garbage and donations later…..we have a usable, livable space. I am obsessed with it, I’m so proud of myself, I can’t believe I did it, and also I’m never doing it again. Painting sucks ass. (But I will totally do it again)

Updated with 2 curtains lol, and tens of thousands of dollars of wall art (see “college degrees”)


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