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Fashion Flashback (Friday)

A blast from the past

There were few things I looked forward to more than when all my magazines came in the mail. You know, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, all the magazines that you never ordered but somehow got delivered every month and you have no idea who is paying for them. Today was the day I had to purge 99% of the magazines I have amassed, because the top of my closet was about to cave in. I looked through so many magazines today, 2012-present day. There were so many great finds in these magazines, so many lost trends, so many old editorals. Gigi pre-Taylor squad. I feel like Stefon, “These magazines have everrrrythingggg.”

The top photo are the only magazines I elected to keep. It was hard to pick, but like a true eighth grader, I ripped out all the pictures I liked and set the rest of the magazine aside. I couldn’t help but pick out a few things that I miss.

Guess Ads

I ripped out every Guess ad that I could find. I wanted to be a Guess girl SO bad, it was the highest honor in my mind. Vouge? Met Gala? Oscars? NOPE. The height of fashion. It was being a Guess girl. There is something about a super bold lip, super big hair, and a stark black and white.

Thick Scarf Headbands

Made famous in the casual sense by my first celebrity obsession, Nicole Richie  (Paris Hilton) and The Simple Life.  This was fashion to me. I was wearing these scarves as headbands any chance I could get. I splurged on a really nice Coach one once and you would have thought I was the ruler of a small country. I really am considering resurrecting this.


I actually am very surprised this has not made a total comeback. It’s like the only decade to not make a comeback, and Mad men was such a huge hit. I really think this will come back, and I hope it does because I love it. Pops of colors, fitted or flared, and nice thick quality. Dresses or skirt suits, doesn’t matter, I love it all the same. True fashion.

What trends do you really miss? What old school trends are still rocking? (Von Dutch hats).

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