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Dried Flower Resin Tray also GRIEF

I wanted to do something special with the flowers from my grandmas service. Partly because I’m a super crafty bitch, second of all because I blocked out the first month of grief so I remember none of the touching moments from the beginning.

Im just gunna treat this blog as a way to scream in the void. I’m the one who pays $195 a year for it so I’m going to use it how I please.

Because everything SUCKS.

Lifestyle blog? No thanks. I have a podcast where I talk about murder and a blog where I word vomit when I can’t afford my therapy sessions.

Everyone talks about the stages of of grief. They are embedded in our brain. Nobody tells you that you just live the rest of your life in the stages of grief. It’s not like you get to the end and get a diploma like “congratulations on reaching the final stage of grief, please enjoy this cheese tray”. It’s like “wow congratulations on reaching the final stage of grief! Please enjoy cycling through them for the rest of your living life” and then they hang up on you before you can ask if you get a certificate or something for reaching all five.

So every time I see an old person I want to push them over with rage because I hate them for being alive. Which sounds harsh but it’s like wow why does Janice get to buy fucking lettuce and my grandma doesn’t*.

*substitute lettuce for donuts

Then I cycle through feeling sad and helpless, and like I want to buy Janice a coffee and have her tell me about Woodstock because I’ll just never get to do that with my own grandma again. So basically I want to push over all old people, and then adopt as my grandparents. Oh my god this sounds alarming. I do not have a sweatshop of makeshift grandparents in my basement I promise.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at. Im obviously doing very well, please ask me for more tips on dealing with grief.

Let’s talk resin trays.

Did you know resin is a pot term? We’re not talking about pot here today. We’re talking about crafts TREVOR, so get hip or get out.

I love tea, I have a flaming hot tea every morning 365 days of the year. My grandmother is the reason I love tea. She loved tea, and because I was born with the soul and anger of a 78 year old person, I also loved tea immediately. We would make tea and sit on the porch and talk about whether or not our husbands would return from war. Except her husband wasn’t off at war and I was four years old.

So I thought it would be such a great idea to get a little tea tray and preserve the flowers from the service in it. So I did a bunch of research because with a project like this you only get one shot.

I painted the tray with Counter Culture Art primer. which helps resin to stick to porous surfaces, and kind of seals the surface.

I took the flowers and pressed them between parchment paper in a large book, to dry them and flatten them. I will say I should have waited a few days, some of them got moldy. So let them get a little more dry, luckily I had a ton I pressed.

I let them sit for about 2 weeks. I honestly wasn’t in a hurry to look at them yet, but there are faster ways.

Pre-resin placements.

Then it was resin time

I got word that Counter Culture DIY Casting Resin – Hard Cast was exactly what I was looking for. Which was, very durable, not flexible, sticks to the surface, good for flowers, and doesn’t yellow over time. I may have been able to use the regular casting resin, but I just went with the durable hard one.

I glued my flowers down so they wouldn’t float or move when I poured the resin. then, I mixed the resin according to instruction (the whole 12oz bottle), and poured into the tray. It was not enough to cover some of my larger flowers/ And because I’m a measure once, cut twice kind of gal, I didn’t have a second bottle ordered or ready to go lol.

However, that actually kind of worked out. By the time my second 12oz bottle came in, the first layer was already pretty hardened. So I was able to glue on some additional flowers on the top of the layer and it gave it some really good dimension.

Now it says the cure to touch time is 48 hours and they are not messing around. I went and checked after like 36 hours and for some reason stuck my entire hand in it, and it was NOT solid. So for real don’t touch it.

Then 48 hours later, I had a beautiful touchable tray. It is one of the most special things I own, I am obsessed with it. It sucks because my grandma would have LOVED it, and I can’t even show her. But that’s okay, I’ll just tell a random old lady at the grocery store about it.

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