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Cutting down our Christmas tree

Our Trip to Wheeler Christmas Tree Farms-

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season (besides champagne and a roaring fire in the house) is the Christmas tree.

Me and my mom like to try to get an 11 foot Christmas tree. Despite our ceilings being 8 feet tall.

My family travels to Whitehouse Ohio and walk around the giant farm searching for the perfect tree. The best part is there are so many kinds you get to choose from. Wheeler Farms has so many types of different kinds of trees. In those categories are plenty specific trees to pick from! As opposed to going to a farm with just 30 trees already cut and somehow the only trees left are the ones with, what feels like, literal needles left where people have to pretend they’re having fun decorating but everyone is bleeding and crying and its chaos.

I recently got a GoPro Hero 5 Session, and I am loving it. I shot this tiny movie when we went to get our tree on Friday. Enjoy what Wheeler Christmas Tree Farm has to offer!

Wheeler Farms also offers free hot chocolate and hotdogs to their customers on the weekends! which is great, because I love hotdogs. Doesn’t matter what is in them, okay?

If your family is like my family, tree decorating is reserved for Sunday evening. I suggest waking up, going to get a great brunch (toledo local), and then staying in to decorate and make a nice warm dinner.

Tonight we will be making some of Chrissy Teigen’s  Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, putting as many lights on the tree as humanly possible before bursting into flames, and watching TV.

Here’s to happy winter-ing! Check out Wheeler Farms, and have a great family weekend (and mimosas).

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