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Adult Prom, A Birthday Throwback.

It is no secret that when I want to….I can throw the best parties. I am very obsessive and I love going overboard, so I have all the makings of a great party thrower. Lets go memory lane and so I can show you my favorite party that I have ever thrown.


Does anything sound more fun than going to prom? Yes, like several things. Prom had a really strict dress code, and you weren’t old enough to drink yet, and there were chaperones squeezing between people. However, does anything sound more fun that an adult prom?

You might be thinking of some things that you THINK are more fun, but you’re wrong. Nothing is more fun. I rented a giant barn, I made a real dangerous alcoholic punch, and I left a digital camera out.

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April 5, 2018

My hair journey…colorful edition

If you know me you know that my hair is rarely one color for very long. Which prompts the question “How do you still have hair?” Honestly, I can’t answer that. I acknowledge that I am #blessed to have hair still, and I appreciate whatever higher power is allowing me to keep it. #BlessUp

So, I thought I would share with you some of my faaavorite looks over the years, and give you some insight on what I had to do to get there. Please, let it inspire you to go do something wild so I can live through youuuu with my boring blonde hair.


I am a licensed professional. Please, do not try to do these yourselves, it will not work out. How do I know that you ask? Because half of these did not turn out great right away and I actually have the base knowledge. Also as a further disclaimer, some of these were done in one step. HOWEVER, they totally shouldn’t have been (I’m just really impatient). If your stylist tells you the transformation is going to take multiple sessions…TRUST THEM.

Also. None of these alone damaged my hair, but the process I take should have made me bald. I go from red, to blonde, to brown, to pink, to blonde, to orange, etc…..I make terrible hair decisions.

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March 29, 2018

What it’s like to attend The Oscars red carpet

In a very weird, and highly unusual turn of events, I won a contest. I win very few things, like VERY FEW. This wasn’t any ‘enter for your chance to win 50 cents off your order of 50 dollars or more’ either. I won a spot to watch The Oscars red carpet live and in action. In case you missed it, I take award season VERY seriously. So this is like if Snooki from Jersey Shore won a trip to a functioning pickle and vodka factory. A match made in heaven.

SO, how the fresh hell did this happen?

Its a funny story. I was on the academy website to see if they had any jobs available, because every business needs assistants and stuff right? How awesome would it be to work for The Oscars?? Well too bad, no jobs. But I did stumble upon a page to enter a contest sponsored by The Academy Museum to send you and a guest to sit and watch the red carpet, so whatever. I’ll enter any contest. Flash forward to literally MONTHS later.  Read more…

March 6, 2018

Count down to the Golden Globes. AKA the start of AWARD SEASON.

2 words. Award. Season

(Skip to the bottom for the drinking game)

I live for award season. I have my sheets, my data, my research, MY CHAMPAGNE, and I’m ready. The Golden Globes is often referred to the beginning of red carpet (award) season. The kick off the season and the larger awards follow afterwards. Not that the Golden Globes ARE NOT an important award, they are just the most fun so they are taken less seriously. The Golden Globes are mostly known for the bottomless supply of Moët, a.k.a, my wildest dream. I actually purchased moët champagne sippers for splits of champagne (available on ebay). So mixed with the endless champagne, and the first red carpet of the year, it makes for a very very interesting show. And I like to drink along..

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January 5, 2018

Fashion Flashback (Friday)

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A blast from the past

There were few things I looked forward to more than when all my magazines came in the mail. You know, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, all the magazines that you never ordered but somehow got delivered every month and you have no idea who is paying for them. Today was the day I had to purge 99% of the magazines I have amassed, because the top of my closet was about to cave in. I looked through so many magazines today, 2012-present day. There were so many great finds in these magazines, so many lost trends, so many old editorals. Gigi pre-Taylor squad. I feel like Stefon, “These magazines have everrrrythingggg.”

The top photo are the only magazines I elected to keep. It was hard to pick, but like a true eighth grader, I ripped out all the pictures I liked and set the rest of the magazine aside. I couldn’t help but pick out a few things that I miss.

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December 1, 2017

Socks, Sandals, Heels. One doesn’t belong, or does it?

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I have a sixth sense when it comes to upcoming fashion trends, the only caveat is I can only predict the super ugly ones. Dying and penciling in your eyebrows like pre-makeover Mia Thermopolis, over lining your lips so you look like the mom on A Cinderella Story, the rebirth of Juicy Couture track suits, VELVET etc.. you get it, I was there. So now I’m going to need you to forget everything you have ever learned about socks and sandals coexisting in peace. The trend will no longer be reserved for college environmental science professors with long, thin, low (and somehow) balding ponytails. I feel this in my soul. Read more…

October 15, 2017