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Blood Orange Aperol Spritz

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Okay, so the Aperol Spritz has been getting hella hate on the internet lately. The New York Times basically tried to singly handedly take down the Aperol Spritz, and you know who wasn’t having it? EVERYONE. I had no idea defending the Aperol Spritz would bring us all together. Like for real, this article is long and shady as hell.

Before I get to the recipe, these are my FAVORITE tweets in response to the New York Times

Okay, but that last one is serious though.

Blood Orange Aperol Spritz

I had my first A.P this year

I know, I know, as a lover of champagne I have failed. However, I had no idea you could buy Aperol at Kroger, because it’s on the top shelf and my natural height prevents me from looking up there, and I never want to go to two stores in one day, or ever. HOWEVER, I FOUND IT. I saw basic bitch Stassi Schroeder slamming one down and I was like fine okay I’ll look higher.

I wasn’t crazy about it AT FIRST, but I didn’t have any fresh oranges. I’ve learned fresh fruit is key. Also that article slams Aperol Spritz because it uses cheap prosecco, so I’m gunna go ahead and say just don’t use cheap ass champagne? Nothing made with Andre’s or Cook’s is going to taste good. Unless you’re on a really tight budget and you’re deciding between that and a can of Bud Ice.

The Blood Orange Aperol Spritz

1. Prosecco (Ruffino); 2. Fresh Blood Orange; 3. Aperol; 4. Ice; 5. Blood Orange Sparkling Water (San Pellegrino)

Here we go:

Blood Orange Aperol Spritz

Champagne, citrus, and soda. A summer staple.

Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • Champagne Mid-range Prosecco
  • Aperol
  • Blood Orange Sparkling Water
  • Fresh Blood Orange


  1. Cut up the fresh blood orange in slices and place them in the glass. Softer blood oranges would work well because it will release more juices.

  2. Fill up your wine glass with ice. I know, ice in wine? Pass. However, this is a spritzer so it's best served really chilled

  3. Pour in 3 parts of your Prosecco. If you hate measuring, I usually just fill the glass a little over half way

  4. Now you add the Aperol. You are supposed to add 2 parts of Aperol. I just add enough until its fragrant, and has turned everything orange

  5. Top off your glass with the sparkling water. Specifically 1 part.

I’ve read an article that you’re supposed to use 50/50 of the Aperol and Prosecco, but I think that’s wrong. Anywhere else on the internet uses the trusted 3:2:1 ratio (which I explained above). I am really just an eyeball person, the Aperol is strong to start off with, so I love just adding a long splash so it doesn’t overpower my champagne, which is my favorite part.

Also a traditional Aperol Spritz calls for a regular orange slice. However, anything a regular orange can do, a blood orange can do 100 times better. The flavor is just so rich and strong, it is perfect for this drink if you think the Aperol is too bitter or strong… me. Just kidding, I’m weak….and bitter.

There you have it. Sit back with a good murder mystery book, in a chic ass outfit, and drink your spritzer and mail the New York Times an envelope of glitter.


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