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Adult Prom, A Birthday Throwback.

It is no secret that when I want to….I can throw the best parties. I am very obsessive and I love going overboard, so I have all the makings of a great party thrower. Lets go memory lane and so I can show you my favorite party that I have ever thrown.


Does anything sound more fun than going to prom? Yes, like several things. Prom had a really strict dress code, and you weren’t old enough to drink yet, and there were chaperones squeezing between people. However, does anything sound more fun that an adult prom?

You might be thinking of some things that you THINK are more fun, but you’re wrong. Nothing is more fun. I rented a giant barn, I made a real dangerous alcoholic punch, and I left a digital camera out.

The theme was decades, so everyone was supposed to stick to a theme of a certain decade. It was very 90’s heavy up in there guys, very. Let me tell you, my people were dedicated. We all went to the SALON to get our hair done. THAT extra. I ordered a $100 beautiful two piece prom dress that I had to next day ship (so worth it, it is 90’s perfection).

Take a look at my super sweet 23rd birthday party!

I would do this again in a heart beat. Me and my closest friends, drunk in a barn, in formal wear, with N*SYNC bumping on the sound system.

A couple tips if you want to recreate this amazing party

  • The “photobooth” was a Miami Vice backdrop that I bought from party city and just stacked up until it was full length. I bought some balloons to put on the ends, bought a “PROM” sign from hobby lobby by just buying the separate letters and tying them to a giant tassel decoration.
  • I would advise against eating the fruit in the punch at the end of the night (super drunk)
  • Also, for sure make a punch. It full of nostalgia, and your friends will appreciate some free alcohol.
  • Its an ADULT prom, so set up your favorite drinking games
  • However, just because the theme of your party is prom, doesn’t mean the actual prom doesn’t need a theme. COMMIT.
  • I got my dress off of etsy, however I would check your local thrift stores, thats where most of these outfits came from.
  • Streamers, streamers, streamers (and balloons). Classic decor

Would you ever do this? It was so fun! I loved going down memory lane and I miss this party, I want to marry it. Can you top this? Can you top the fact the I rented out an entire bowling alley for my 21st birthday party?

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