Re-birth, Re-brand, Re-…..honesty?

A wise woman once told me, put your name on your shit. Own the shit you worked so hard on. Don’t hide behind a name. I really didn’t think I was hiding, I just didn’t want my real name everywhere. However, this is real work I’m doing, and I love it. So you know what? Screw it. I want you to facebook me when you read my stuff, I want people to reach out, and I want my name in GIANT LETTERS by everything. Because it is MINE

So, ChampagneWhiskers was a fun name for a while. I loved it and it combined the things I love the most.

I’ve really been trying to channel my inner Meghan Markel lately (Duchess of Sussex). She had a great blog before she married the hottest bachelor in the past 30 years, and became the worlds most loved/hated person. It was called the Tig, and it was her essence. It was named after her favorite wine, which also was a life revelation for her. I just want this to be 100% me.

Because I am learning to love me, and finding the life I want to live.

Here is to Madison Shelby, my new era for me, by me. (and by Meghan Markle’s inspiration)

August 21, 2018
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