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    I’m here to drink beer and complain, and I’m all out of beer

    Except I make sure I’m never out of beer. So I will be doing both.

    Welcome back, to the website where I won’t be trying hard and I don’t care. I pay 200 bucks a year for this, I can use it however I want. So let’s jump right into it.

    2020 was a heaping pile of dogshit. For everyone, but specifically me.

    My grandma died. I deserved more time, I didn’t get to say goodbye, it is what it is. I can’t change it. Sometimes it fills me with rage at random times, other times it makes me irrationally sad, most of the time I’m trying to supress all of the above.

    Second of all, I have not talked to my dad since before Thanksgiving. It’s ridiculous. It’s stupid. We already suffered a family tragedy, I really am not sure why we received a second tragedy in the same calendar year. I have problems with it.

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